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Linear Circuits - Harjutus 1

Tallinn University of Technology Department of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics Report on Exercises 1 on Electronics and Semiconductor Engineering Linear Circuits Student AAVB-41 Tallinn 2008 Exercise 1.1. RL circuit Quantity Calculated Experimental value value Umax, V 14,14 14,14 I, mA 983 983 UR, V 9,82 9,81 UL, V 1,85 1,85 -10,7...

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Public Administration and Innovation

ÔŚĆ Schumpeter Mark I: focusing on individual entrepreneurs ÔŚĆ Schumpeter Mark II: innovation in large firms Innovation diffusion: tendency for innovations to ÔÇťclusterÔÇŁ in certain industries, areas and time periods ├á long waves in the world economy (Business Cycles, 1939) Innovation is a continuous improvement process ÔÇô involving different inventionsinnovations Innovation as a moving target The linear model and alternative approaches; innovation research "generations" ÔŚĆ The linear model (Kline and Rosenberg, 1986): Research (science) Ôćĺ development Ôćĺ production Ôćĺ marketing Problems: ÔŚĆ Generalising a chain of causation that only holds for a minority of innovations ÔÇô disregarding important inputs (e.g. usersÔÇÖ experience) ÔŚĆ Ignoring feedback loops between the stages of the process Ty...

Public Administration -
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V├Árgustamise meetodid programmis Surfer

L├Ąhteandmeteks oli riigi geodeetilise p├Áhiv├Árgu punktide andmed (X, Y, h, H). Erinevate mudelpindade loomiseks kasutame v├Áimalusi Kriging, Minimum Curvature, Local Polynomial ja Triangulation With Linear Interpolation. 1) K├Áigepealt koostame l├Ąhteandmete (Joonis 1) p├Áhjal variogrammi (Grid´âáVariogram´âáNew variogram). Variogrammi loomisel tuleb programmile ├Ąra n├Ąidata, millises tulbas asuvad X, Y koordinaadid ning absoluutk├Árused. Tulemuseks saame variogrammi, mis on toodud j├Ąrgneval joonisel (Joonis 2). Graafiku x- teljel on v├Árgu punktide vahelised kaugused ning y- teljel korrelatsiooni sammu v├Ą├Ąrtus....

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Eksamieelduse t├Â├Â

Summary Table Action Vars Wilks' Step Entered Removed In Lambda Sig. Label 1 T76 1 .64533 .0014 Meie orgis edutatakse haid tootajaid 2 T73 2 .60007 .0046 Saan ise planeerida oma tood Classification Function Coefficients (Fisher's Linear Discriminant Functions) FIRMA = 1 2 3 T73 2.010843 1.397240 1.471168 T76 1.164367 .7263430 2.074298 (constant) -5.026450 -2.865955 -6.383697 Canonical Discriminant Functions Pct of Cum Canonical After Wilks' Fcn Eigenvalue Variance Pct...

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K├╝simused ja vastused Arvutid I eksamiks

Arvutid I eksamik├╝simuste vastused Eero Ringm├Ąe mai 2002 ├Áj = Teet Evartson I Digitaalloogika 1._Mikroskeemide valmistamise tehnoloogiad: Bipolaarsed tehnoloogiad: dioodloogika: kokku ├╝hendat...

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Praktikum: Takistuse temperatuuris├Áltuvus

Rm=f(t) 68 66 64 62 R() R(oom) Linear Regression for R() 60 58 56 54 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 temp.(C) Rp=f(t) 80 70 60 50 R() R(oom) 40...

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Exceli n├Ąidis├╝lesanded erinevad.

T├Â├ T├Â├Âtulemused tulemused Inventuur Inventuurm├Â├Âblipoes m├Â├Âblipoes Tunnikontroll Tunnikontroll Inimeste Inimestekaalud kaalud Bior├╝tmid Bior├╝tmid F├╝├╝siline F├╝├╝silinegraafika graafika Sotsia...

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Andmeanal├╝├╝s MS Exceli abil

Andmeanal├╝├╝s MS Exceli abil Andmeanal├╝├╝s MS Exceli abil J├Ąrgnev ├Ápetus p├╝├╝ab v├Áimalikult 'puust ja punaselt' ette n├Ąidata elementaarse andmeanal├╝├╝si teostamise v├Áimalused MS Excelis. Samas ei ole see materjal m├Áeldud matemaatilise statistika konspektiks,...

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P├Áhjalik referaat valkude kohta

c klass Valgud Referaat Juhendajad Sirje Miglai ja Marge Kanniste T├Ástamaa 2007 2 Sisukord Sissejuhatus...

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L├╝hendite seletus

BIZ Businesses (Domain Name) [Internet] .BK! Backup (file name extension) [WordPerfect] .B~K Backup (file name extension) BKSP Backspace BL Backlit + Bit Line BLAS Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines BLAST Bell Labs Layered Space Time + Blocked Asynchronous Transmission (protocol) [Communications Research Group] .BLD BASIC Bload Graphics (file name extension) BLE Branch if Less or Equal BLER Block Error BLI Business Logic Integration [Microsoft] BLK Block BLMC Buried Logic Macrocell BLOB Binary Large Object BLOG Web Log BLOS Branch if Lower Or Same BMI Branch if Minu...

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Kuidas kirjutada esseed

The main point is to connect your changes to your current plans. Types of essays: You can write three types of essays. You should judge by the clues given in the application to decide what kind of a logical structure you should use to tie up your points together in a coherent whole. Here are some patterns for prose exposition: Narrative: The advantage of this kind of structure is that it is linear and therefore comparatively easy to organize. A narrative essay progresses from beginning to end and can be broken into small manageable parts. While writing a narrative, make sure that you balance interpretive points with specific facts. Analytic: An analytic essay is an essay that evaluates and answers the question "Why?" In this kind of an essay you may have to use a structure that first gives an overall answer, and then discusses various aspects....

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Inglise keelt k├Ánelevate maade ajaloo eksamik├╝simused

It is one of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world and is composed of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones. The surrounding circular, earth bank and ditch, have been dated to about 3100 BC. Stonehenge was produced by a culture with no written language. Many aspe...

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Loogika konspekt 6-10

1_fl_vi-x L6 ARUTLUS (j├Ąreldamine) Arutlus (ik inference) kui m├Átlemise vorm on protsess, mille k├Ąigus l├Ąhtutakse mingist otsustusest v├Ái otsustuse hulgast ning neile ja mingitele reeglitele tuginedes j├Áutakse uue otsustuseni. Arutluse ehk j├Ąreldamise tulemusena saadud otsustust ni...

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Piletid vastustega

The third application is in switching circuits because an ideal rectifier acts like a perfect conductor when forward biased and lik a perfect insulator when reverse biased. 7) A power diode is more complicated in structure and operational characteristics than the small signal diode. The forward bias characteristic of the power diode is approximately linear , which means that the voltage drop is proportional to the omic resistance and to the current. The rated currents of power diodes are thousands of amperes and the area of the pn junction may be tens of square centimeters. In the case of power diode, the additional n- layer exists between these two layers, which is termed as a drift region. This layer can be quitewide for the diode. The wide lightly doped region adds significant ohmic resista...

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F├╝├╝sika praktikum nr. 27

,405 12 165 1,1 0,095 13 180 0,8 -0,223 GRAAFIK ln L = f(t) 2,500 2,000 1,500 ln L 1,000 Linear (ln L) 0,500 0,000 0 50 100 150 200 -0,500 3 Arvutused Soojusjuhtivusteguri saame arvutada valemist: 4 ln =...

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- Before planning residential area - Calculating the costs - Consumer preferences - Defining space and blocks arrangement Before planning residential area... You need to know about... - possible buyers in this area - how big amount of money the developer would like to spend...

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S├ĽNARAAMAT A accomodate kohandama adapt kohandama affordable detached house taskukohane eramaja affordable low rise apartments (no lift) ilma liftita taskukohased madalal asuvad korterid amenity standards h├╝ve standardid...

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Pinnakareduse standardid

smallest gradient Roughness profile 4 R3z Base roughness depth Height characterization using the linear material ratio curve ISO13565-2:'96 3Zi is the height of the 3rd height peak from Rk core roughness depth : Depth of the roughness core profile the 3rd depth valley in a sampling length Rr. Rpk reduced peak height : Average height of protruding peaks above roughness core profile....

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Ilmavaatlus 6.klass

Tuul 5,00 4,60 4,50 4,50 4,50 4,20...

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Optilised seadmed

HAAPSALU KUTSEHARIDUSKESKUS Arvutiteenindus 2A Darja Pozdejeva OPTILISED SEADMED Referaat Haapsalu 2008 Haapsalu Kutsehariduskeskus Darja Pozdejeva...

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