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"hovercraft" - 3 õppematerjali


FCE Result Words and Phrases

otice (idm) handlebars (n pl) handset (n) handy (adj) hang up (phr v) harm (n) have got the makings of (idm) hayfever (n) hazel (adj) head off to (phr v) headquarters (n pl) heartbroken (adj) heart-warming (adj) heated (adj) hedge (n) heel (n) helmet (n) herb (n) herbivore (n) herd (n) highlight (v) high-profile (adj) hilarious (adj) hip (n) hippy (n) hoax (n) hoof (n) hooked (adj) hooked on (adj) host (n) host of (n) hover (v) hovercraft (n) 14 humid (adj) humiliate (v) humorous (adj) hunt (v) hysteria (n) I I can’t hear myself think! (phr) identical (adj) identify (v) ignition (n) ill-disciplined (adj) illusion (n) immigration (n) immoral (adj) immortality (n) immune system (n) impact (n) impersonal (adj) impersonate (v) implication (n) imposter (n) impress (v) in favour of (phr) in its infancy (phr) in response to (phr) in short (phr)...

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The Hunger games

For these games, part of the "Quarter Quell" that takes place every 25 years, winners of past games are forced to participate. When only a few participants remain in the games, including Katniss and Peeta, the arena is destroyed. Three of the tributes, including Katniss, are rescued by survivors of District 13, but the other three tributes, including Peeta, are captured by Capitol hovercraft .  The rebellion continues with Katniss being used as a figurehead  Awards ● 2013 Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Movie ● 2013 People's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress – Jennfer Lawrence ● 2012 Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Sci-FiFantasy ● 2012 Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Scene Stealer: Male – Liam Hemsworth ● 2012 People's Choice Award for Favori...

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Saksa kirjand G3KL Es gibt vier Jahreszeiten in einem Jahr und zu keeder Jahreszeit ist das Wetter anders. Es ist der Winter jetzt. Die Wintermonate sind der Dezember, der Januar und der Februar. Im Winter isr das Wetter kalt. Alles ist im Eis und es schneit. Im Winter ist es wunderbar in de...

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