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Social Problems Homelessness A person and families are considered homeless, if they live outdoors without shelter ( ) , temporarily housed in hostels , night shelters , institutions such as psychiatric hospitals, and those temporarily () accommodated () by relatives or friends. Persons living in poverty are most at risk of becoming homeless , and demographic groups who are more likely to experience poverty are also more likely to experience homelessness . Homelessness usually increases during periods of economic recession () and rising unemploymen...

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Abbreviations m ­ metre(s), mile(s),million(s), male, married f - female MP ­ Member of Parliament, milatary policeman the USA ­ the United States of America UFO ­ Unidentified Flying object BBC ­ British Broadcasting Corporation BC ­ Before Christ, British Council AD ­ Anno Domini, in the year of Our Lawd, of the Christian era kph ­ kilometres per hour am ­ aut...

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m- metre, mile EC- Europien W- west tel- telefone xxx- lots of kisses at community the end of the letter BC- Before Christe f-female AD- Anno Domini PM- Prime Minister Str- strait pp- pages FBI- Federal E- east...

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Upstream advanced, upstream upper

36-37 1. Kogu oma headuses (Benign)- to be at its most benign 2. Puutumata nõmm, mäed pristine moorland, mountains 3. Peatusin oja ääres- I stooped at a rivulet 4. Paljalt ujuma- to take one's skinny dip 5. Punt lärmakaid austraallasi--.a gaggle of raucous Aussies 6. Kõrvetav kuumus- blistering heat 7. Üksildased reisijad-solitary bushwalkers 8. Ronimisva...

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Homelessness Number s of people who have nowhere to live vary, but at the present time they probably stand between a quarter and a half million. All reasons amout to the simple fact that there isnt enough affordable accommodation for them. Most homeless families find temporary accomodation in boarding houses. Some people find even more temporary shelter in hostels for the homeless. Some just live on the streets. In many cases, the homeless are those with personal problems which make it difficult for them to settle down. In some cases, they are peple who simply dont want to settle down. The future More an more people want to live on their own or in small families. Millions of new homes will need to be built in the next decade or so. The problem is not just that Britain is a densely populated country....

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I Love English 6 Workbook e-õpik lk. 1-27

8 have your a look take and time around Take your time and have a look around. --- 6 5. Complete the exercise with the adjectives. annoyed delighted easy free important lucky puzzled wise 1 I was lucky to meet Ben's friend, Nina, who had helped him so much at the party. 2 If you need somewhere to stay overnight, surf the Internet. Cheap hostels are easy to find. 3 After the last lesson we were ... to go, but we all stayed to discuss the trip. 4 The children looked annoyed so the teacher repeated the question. 5 If you don't need the gloves immediately, it's ... to wait until the sales start. 6 It's wise to remember the birthdays of your family and friends. 7 Gina's mum was puzzled to hear about the broken window. 8 I was ... to have a matchbox on me, so we could light a cand...

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