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entry - ACE koosneb: kasutaja, grupi või arvuti nimest, pääsuõiguste loetoelust ) Silicon Valley - Nime saanud algselt silikoon-kiipide tootjate järgi Whole Earth Cataog – USA hipikultuuri/vastuliikumise kataloog, kus müüdi igast tooteid(kataloog ise ei müünud otseselt midagi, vaid andis müüjate info toodete kõrval)

Entry ticket week 39 - Ave Nurmeots

Why is it important to move beyond product innovation?  To be able to compete within the today’s marketplace (continued success and differentiation).  It is not enough anymore just to come up with an innovative product or its features. To achieve a bigger and more sustainable competitive advantage different types of innovations should be combined together. 2. Name an ex...

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Kanjimärkide morfoloogilisi seletusi. Võrdlev analüüs märgisõnastike kanji etümoloogiatest.

V~ordlev analu ¨u¨s m¨argis~onastike kanji etu ¨moloogiatest. Indrek Pehk 2000 m¨arts ¨o diplomito ¨ ¨ Helsingi Ulikooli Humanitaarteaduskond Aasia ja Aafrik...

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Eksamieelduse töö

GET FILE 'tud.sys'. The SPSSPC+ system file is read from file tud.sys The file was created on 22110 at 11:40:26 and is titled SPSSPC+ System File Written by Data Entry II The SPSSPC+ system file contains 247 cases, each consisting of 44 variables (including system variables). 44 variables will be used in this session. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 SPSSPC+ 612 2 This procedure was completed at 10:26:32 * more on - iga lehekylje ja"rel tehakse paus, suvaline klahvivajutus viib ed...

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Tähtede kooslus

Shokolaad Erik Rattasepp 8b TÕHG 2008 SISUKORD 1. Sisukord lk 2 2. Sissejuhatus lk 3 3. Shokolaadi ajalugu lk 4 4. Shokolaadi valmistamine lk 4-5 5. Shokolaadi põhitooraine ­ kakao lk 5-7 6. Shokolaadi tervislikkusest...

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IA rühma metallid-kokkuvõte

I A RÜHMA METALLID 1.1 I A rühma metallide üldiseloomustus I A rühma metallideks on liitium, naatrium, kaalium, rubiidium, tseesium ja frantsium. I A rühma metalle nimetatakse ka leelismetallideks. Ajalooliselt tuleneb sõna leelismetall sellest, et nende metallide hüdroksiide tunti juba ammu ja neid nimetati leelisteks. Tänapäevane selgitus võiks ol...

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Verduni Lahing

Tallinn 2008. Verduni lahing. POSITSIOONISÕDA. Läänerinde mõlemad vaenupooled olid kaitseseisundis ning peeti positsioonisõda. Suurem osa laskemoonatagavaradest oli ära kulutatud, sest ette oli valmistatud 3 - 4 kuud kestvaks sõjaks. Nüüd tuli riikide majandused ümber kohandada pikaajaliseks sõjaks. Kasutades betooni, so...

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The title of the book (in paper and Works Cited) should be underlined or in Italics. NB! Do not do both! (underline and italics). 3. Articles are in quotation marks, but you should underline the magazine you take them from. 4. you do not indent the 1st line but the 2nd line and 3rd 5. the list should be in alphabetical order 6. if there is no author then we place first the title of the work 7. entry starts with a family name, BUT this happens only to the first author's name (when there is one work and several authors). 8. if we have 2 authors we use "and" between their names. Example: Works Cited (Title centered) Ainslie, Tom, and Bonnie Ledbetter. The Body Language of Horses. New York: Morrow, 1980. Bright, Michael. Animal Language. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1984. (UP means Unive...

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Omapärane Hiina kultuur

3 1. RELIGIOON..............................................................................................................4 1.1 Budism.....................................................................................................................4 1.2 Konfuts...

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äri-inglisekeel sõnad

4 tegevdirektor - a Managing Cirector tootmisjuht - a Production Manager firma töötajad - employees at the firm kaadriülem - a group leader müügijuht - a Sales Manager tootmisinsener - a Production engineer 5 töökas, hõivatud kontor - working, busy office vastutustunne - responsibility algpalk - starting salary sõltuvalt east ja kogemustest - depending on age and experience edutamise väljavaated -...

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These are often called Multi-Partite viruses, though there has been criticism of this name; another name is Boot-and-File virus. File System or Cluster viruses (e.g. DIR II) are those which modify directory table entries so that the virus is loaded and executed before the desired program is. Note that the program itself is not physically altered, only the directory entry is. Some consider these infectors to be a third category of viruses, while others consider them to be a sub-category of the file infectors. KASUTATUD KIRJANDUS. 1. Bontchev, Vesselin"Are Good Computer Viruses Still a Bad Idea?" University of Hamburg. 2. Brunnstein, Klaus "MSDOSVIR.791" University of Hamburg 14.02.91. 3. Chess, David M. "Some Common PC-DOS Viruses and What They Mean To You." IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center Yorktown Hei...

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Home reading - Veracruz

Veracruz Spilling from the slopes of the Sierra Madre Oriental to the Hulf of Mexixo,the state of Veracruz froms a 450-mile-long crescent.Since Spanish colonial times the harbor at the city of Veracruz has been the point of entry for diverse cultures ­ either staging invasions or seeking a share in the state's abundant resources.these newcomers ­ Spaniards, Afr...

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Harjutus 2

2. The employer shall ensure that the minimum requirements laid down in Annex II are applied to places covered by paragraph 1. 3. Where necessary, places where explosive atmospheres may occur in such quantities as to endanger the health and safety of workers shall be marked with signs at their points of entry in accordance with Annex III. Article 8 Explosion protection document In carrying out the obligations laid down in Article 4, the employer shall ensure that a document, hereinafter referred to as the "explosion protection document", is drawn up and kept up to date. The explosion protection document shall demonstrate in particular: - that the expl...

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Lühendite seletus

Request System [British Library] ABS Address Book Synchronization [IBM] + Absolute ABT Abort ABTS ASCII Block Terminal Services AC Autocheck + Automatic Computer + Alternating Current ACAP Application Configuration Access Protocol ACC Accumulator ACCMAIL Accessing the Internet Via Email ACD Automatic Call Distribution ACDI Asynchronous Communications Device Interface ACE Access Control EncryptionEntry + Adobe Certified Expert + Advanced Composition Explorer [JHUAPL] + Advanced Computing Environment [SCO] + Adverse Channel Enhancements [Microcom] + * Automatic Computing Engine ACF Access Control Field + Advanced Communications Function ACH Automated Clearing House ACIAS Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System ACIS American Committee for Interoperable Systems ACK Acknowledgment...

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Piletid vastustega

BIASING. Forward biasing. If the current in a diode is too large, excessive heat will destroy the device. Even approaching the burnout current value without reaching it can shorten its life. Therefore manufacturer's data sheet specifies the maximum forward current, that diode can withstand. This average current IF is the rate a diode can handle up to the forward direction when used as a rectifier. Another entry of interest in the data sheet is the forward voltade drop UF(max) when the maximum forward current occurs. An usual diode has this value 0.7-2.0V. Diode conducts easily when forward biased. Reverse biasing. The reverse current is a leakage current at the source rated voltage. Typically, silicon diodes have 1-10 microA and germanium 200-700 microA of leakage current. This value includes thermally produced current and surface leakage current. Only...

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Topic - Estonia

The independence was restored on August 20, 1991. This time is called the Singing Revolution. The last Soviet troops left in 1994. Since regaining independence Estonia has pursued a policy of co-operation with Western Europe. In December 2002, Estonia took part in EU accessing negotiation with nine other countries. The Accession Treaty was signed on 16 April, 2003 with May 1, 2004 the formal entry date. EU enlargement meant the unification of twenty-five countries after over half a century of political division and the "Cold War" which followed WW II. 15.Government Estonia has parliamentary democracy with three branches of power: legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative power is in the hands of parliament, or, as we call it in Estonia: the Riigikogu (or State Assembly). The parliament consists of 101 seats and member...

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Topic - London

Introduction London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and the largest urban area in England. The ancient City of London, to which the name originally belonged, still maintains its medieval boundaries, but the name "London" has long applied more to the whole metropolis that has grown up around it. London has...

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Stretches and exercises in office

Taking regular breaks to stretch major muscle groups can help reduce injury, muscular tension and stiffness. When? At least once per hour, but more frequently if possible. If you are doing data entry , you should take a 5minute break for every 30 continuous data entry minutes spent on the computer. Benefits of stretching Stretching increases flexibility. Flexible muscles can improve your daily performance. Tasks such as lifting packages, bending to tie your shoes or hurrying to catch a bus become easier and less tiring. Stretching improves range of motion of your joints...

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··· ··· ··· ··· ··· ··· CS PJP ···...

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Welcome to Tallinn

Welcome to Tallinn You have probably already heard that Tallinn was chosen to be the Culture Capital of Europe during the year 2011. So, we have already done a great deal of work to make our town worthy of this status. Tallinn is worth visiting not only at the main tourist season, but also out of it. Attractions: · The Medi...

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National Symbols of New Zealand

New Zealand's Coat of Arms History of the New Zealand Coat of Arms Until 1911, New Zealand used the same national coat of arms as the United Kingdom. When New Zealand became a Dominion in 1907, it was decided that a new Coat of Arms was required. The competition was hold in 1908 and 75 designs sent their version. Three entries were sent to England for final judging. The winning entry was a design by James McDonald, a draughtsman in the Department of Tourist and Health Resorts. Although the Royal Warrant of 1911 gave a description of the New Zealand Coat of Arms, by the mid 1940s it was found that there were at least 20 versions of the design in use. A committee was established to arrange for the redrawing and standardisation of the Arms, and a revised version received The Queen's approval in 1956. This version is used until now. Descri...

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