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My ideal home

Stepping into the garden, you can notice a cobblestoned road, which takes you to the door. Beside the road are planted little red flowers and the garden is covered with green grass. From afar you can see a sauna house, and it has also a red roof. There you can enjoy the sauna and after that you can sit in the soft sofa, relax and chat with friends in anteroom . Beside the saunahouse there is a grilling place, where you can enjoy barbecueing, when the weather allows you to. Now I'll talk about the house itself. Main entrance is a big oaken door. When entering, we can see a stairway heading to the second floor in the right and in the left a coatroom. Right in front of us is a living room, with big leather couches and a huge home movie-theatre. There are self-made sofa cushions on the couch and a...

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