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Also more people have started to listen to different radio stations and watching TV shows over the internet. New mass media were invented with radio and television. The first radio broadcasts were transmitted in the USA in 1916. Television was invented in Britain and America in the 1920s. Radio is generally the first of the news media to report a local story or a news service bulletin. A radio announcer can interrupt a programme with a new flash as soon as the report comes in. Millions of people depend on the radio for regularly scheduled news bullets. However, most radio news bulletins do not report the news in detail. In five-minute broadcasts, for example, the stories average less than 30 seconds. Many people also rely on radio for weather forecasts and traffic reports. Television is a widely used telecommunication system for bro...

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Two distinct groups of the Estonian intelligentsia can be identified. The faction in Tartu, gathered round the newspaper Postimees, was led by Jaan Tõnisson (1868-1941?), a lawyer and politician, one of the founders of the first Estonian bank in 1902 and establisher of the first Estonian political party Rahvameelne Eduerakond (National Progressive Party) in 1905.1 The group in Tallinn centred round the newspaper Teataja (The Announcer ), and was headed by the lawyer and politician Konstantin Päts (1874-1957). Among the members were the writers Eduard Vilde (1865-1933), Anton Hansen Tammsaare (1878-1940), and the philologist Johann Voldemar Veski (1873-1968). The newspaper concentrated on economic development, social problems and democratic reform, availability of primary and secondary education in the native language of Estonians. In Estonian literature critica...

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They arrested Kühn, who confirmed this. He was convicted on espionage charges and imprisoned at Leavenworth Penitentiary until after the war, when he was paroled to leave the country. On December 7, while Honolulu was still reeling from the devastation of the attack, F.C.C. monitors there picked up a Japanese-language news broadcast from station jzi in Japan. The announcer boasted of a "death- defying raid" at Pearl, reported other events, and, about halfway through the broadcast, declared: "Allow me to especially make a weather forecast at this time: west wind clear." -11- and China at war. This intention has been revealed clearly during the course of the present negotiation. Thus, the earnest hope of the Japanese Government to adjust Japanese- American relations and to...

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If you are like me-and many others like me-so should you. Looking Up In addition to the times when social evidence is deliberately faked, there is another time when the principle of social proof will regularly steer us wrong. In such an Stay tuned, folks: Consumers from Mars are on next By Dave Barry Recently I was watching TV, and a asked was, "Miss Lansbury, is Bufferin a good commercial came on, and the announcer , in a product that I should purchase, or what?" tone of voice usually reserved for major These consumers seemed very eamest. developments in the Persian Gulf, said, "Now It was as if they had been going around for consumers can ask Angela Lansbury their months wringing their hands and saying, "I questions about Bufferin!" have a question about Bufferin! If only I could As...

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f) Her second book was very popular and became a best buysellervolume. g) I like the painting but I can't stand its ugly borderframesquare. h) Robert's new book will be broadcastpublishedtyped in August. i) I liked the acting, and the costumesdressingoutfits were good too. j) The best actplacescene in the film is when Jack meets Kate. Task 2. Complete each sentence with a word from the box. Use each word once only. Announcer composre critic editor playwright author conductor director novelist sculptor a) The orchestra would not be so successful with a different .... conductor... b) I want a book on art, but I don't know the name of the …… c) We must see the new film by that Italian …… d) The…… said that the sports programme is on after the news. e) Harry writes for the theatre, but he is not only a …… f) We saw some interesting metal object...

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