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Automatiseerimistehnika ja arvjuhtsüsteemide lühendid

AEC Arhitecture, Engeneering and Construction ehitiste kujundamise ja ehituskonstruktsiooni arvutamisele orienteeritud CAD-tarkvarapakett CAD Computer Aided Design arvuti toel toote kujundamine (joonestamine, konstrueerimine); vastav tarkvarapakett CAE Computer Aided Engineering arvuti toel inseneriteaduse valdkonda kuuluvate ülesannete lahendamine (mehaanika, masinaehitus); vastav tarkvarapakett CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing arvuti toel valmistamine; arvjuhtimisseadmete juhtprogrammide ettevalmistamisele orienteeritud vastav tarkvarapakett CAQ Computer Aided Quality Assurance arvuti toel kvali...

Automatiseerimistehnika - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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English portfolio

In many townships, people established native-language teaching, closed the pub, and boycotted the tsarist officials, refused to pay taxes or provide the Russian army with recruits. To suppress the revolution in the Baltics, the government used an army consisting of 19 000 soldiers. Special punitive troops, aided and abetted by the Baltic German landlords, shot over 300 hundred people in 1906; without trial or inquest. The court martial additionally condemned about 300 persons to death. About 600 received corporal punishment; hundreds were imprisoned and sent to Siberia. More than a half of all those executed in the Russian Empire, were inhabitants of Estonia and Latvia. Fearing the repressions, a great part of Estonian political leaders fled abroad. Be...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Lühendite seletus

| TOP | UP to B | DN to D | BOTTOM | C C Programming Language .C C source code (file name extension) [C] CA Certification Authority + Collision Avoidance CAB Compressed Application Binary [Microsoft] .CAB Cabinet (file name extension) [Microsoft] CACLS Command-Line Access Control Lists [Microsoft] CAD Computer Aided Design CADD Computer Aided Design and Drafting CADE Clientserver Application Development Environment CAE Client Application Enabler + Common Applications Environment + Computer Aided Engineering CAEN Chemically Assembled Electronic Nanocomputer CAEX Computer Aided Exploration CAG Column Address Generator CAI Computer Aided Instruction CAIRN Collaborative Advanced Interagency Research Network CAL Calendar + C...

Informaatika - Kutsekool
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Inglise keelt kõnelevate maade ajaloo eksamiküsimused

It is one of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world and is composed of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones. The surrounding circular, earth bank and ditch, have been dated to about 3100 BC. Stonehenge was produced by a culture with no written language. Many aspe...

Inglise keel kõnelevate maade... - Tartu Ülikool
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Topic - London

Introduction London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and the largest urban area in England. The ancient City of London, to which the name originally belonged, still maintains its medieval boundaries, but the name "London" has long applied more to the whole metropolis that has grown up around it. London has...

Inglise keel - Põhikool
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Eksami vastused

Mis iseloomustab vektorgraafikat? Vektorgraafika korral on objektid arvutis kirjeldatud matemaatiliselt (vektorvõrranditega). Kujutis arvutatakse kiiresti ja joonestatakse ekraanile. Saadud pilti võib seejärel suurendada käsklusega ZOOM lõpmatult, kaotamata seejuures pildi teravust. 2. Mida tähendab lühem CAM? Computer Aided Manufacturing ­ arvuti abil valmistamine või tootmine 3. Mis on arvuti abi...

Informaatika soojustehnikas - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Mõõtmestamine ja tolereerimine

MÕÕTMESTAMINE JA TOLEREERIMINE 2 ×16 tundi Teema Kestvus h 1. Sissejuhatus. Seosed teiste aladega 2 Mõisted ja terminiloogia. GPS standardite maatriksmudel 2. Geometrilised omadused. Mõõtmestamise 2 üldprintsiibid. Ümbrikunõue, maksimaalse materja...

Mõõtmestamineja... - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Mother Theresa

The order also has houses in North America, Europe and Australia, where they take care of the shut-ins, alcoholics, homeless, and AIDS sufferers. The Missionaries of Charity throughout the world are aided and assisted by Co-Workers who became an official International Association on March 29, 1969. By the 1990s there were over one million Co-Workers in more than 40 countries. Along with the Co-Workers, the lay Missionaries of Charity try to follow Mother Teresa's spirit and charism in their families. Mother Teresa's work has been recognised and acclaimed throughout the world and she has received a number of awards and distinctions, includin...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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AutoCad I

Eesti Põllumajandusülikool Tehnikateaduskond Mehaanika ja masinaõpetuse instituut Enno Saks Joonestuspakett AutoCAD 2000 (versioon 15.0) I Kahemõõtmeline raalprojekteerimine Tartu 2000 Käesolev kaheosaline lühijuhend käsitleb tarkvarafirma Autodesk tuntuimat produkti ­ joonestu...

Autocad - Eesti Maaülikool
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Arvutid I eksami materjal

1 Arvuti riistvara matemaatilised alused ............................................................................................ 4 Kahendsüsteem...

Arvutid i - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Exami materajal

Arvuti riistvara matemaatilised alused · Kahendsüsteem Digitaalseadmetes teostatavate arvutuste ja muu infotöötluse kiirus, täpsus ja arusaadavus sõltub suuresti seadmes kasutatavast arvutussüsteemist. Digitaaltehnikas domineerib kahendsüsteem nii iseseisva süsteemina kui ka teiste arvusüsteemide realiseerimise vahendina ja seda järgmistel põhjustel: Füüsikalise realiseerimise lihtsus tehete soor...

Arvutid - Eesti Infotehnoloogia Kolledzh
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Geoffrey chaucer

He was one of the first to attempt what he did, and one of the first to put a name to his work. It must not be forgotten also that his location aided him a great deal he lived in London, an area which dominated the economy and therefore his dialect became dominant in following centuries. Describe the setting of the prologue. (When and where does the action take place?) The late fourteenth century, after 1381, in the T abard Inn and on the road to Canterbury. Why do the pilgrims go on the pilgrimage? Whose grave do they visit? People see a pilgrimage as a cure for sick rela...

Inglise kirjandus - Keskkool
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Topic USA

S state met in Philadelphia and imposed a trade embargo on Britain. As war became inevitable, the representatives had to meet for the second time in Philadelphia, in 1776,and made George Washington their commander-in- chief. The formal Declaration of Independence was made on 4 July 1776 and gave people Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness. The American War of Independence, that lasted over six years, ended when Washington, aided by French army and navy, surrounded the British forces at Yorktown in 1781. Thirteen colonies recognized the independence, sovereignty and freedom two years later, by signing the peace settlement. Population With approximately 300 mln inhabitants is the U.S fourth country in terms of population. More than three-fourths of the population live in urban states and tehere are 170 cities with huge population. Most of urban cities are located...

Inglise keel - Põhikool
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Konspekt USA history

I Native Americans · Origin of Native Americans ­ Origin is debatable Siberia->Alaska Crossed the land bridge around 14,000 years ago "ice-free corridor" Hunters, searching for fresh grounds · Different tribes and their way of life In tents, dark skin, hair is long, black and straight, women-agriculture, men- hunting. bands(chief. Travelled together) and tribes land was owned by the tr...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Jamaica prospered from the wealth brought by buccaneers, notably Sir Henry Morgan, to Port Royal, the capital; in 1692, however, much of the city sank into the sea during an earthquake, and Spanish Town became the new capital. A huge, mostly African, slave population grew up around the sugarcane plantations in the 18th cent., when Jamaica was a leading world sugar producer. Freed and escaped slaves, sometimes aided by the maroons (slaves who had escaped to remote areas after Spain lost 3 control of Jamaica), succeeded in organizing frequent uprisings against the European landowners. The sugar industry declined in the 19th cent., partly because of the abolition of slavery in 1833 (effective 1838) and partly because of the elimination in 1846 of the imperial prefe...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Keelefilosoofia raamat

Wittgenstein offers a further analogy (1953: 2): A builder and his assistant have just four kinds of building stones that they use. They speak a little primitive language that has just four corresponding words in it: "block," "pil- lar," "slab," and "beam." They build things, engaging in their nonlinguistic activities aided by a certain primitive sort of linguistic activity: the builder says "slab," and the assistant brings a stone of the appropriate shape. Now, someone might say, "Of course, that word `slab' bears the referring relation to a block of this shape, and its meaning is the proposition that the assistant is to bring such a block to the builder." But according to Wittgenstein this would be missing the point. In this little primitive language-game, the word "...

Filosoofia - Tartu Ülikool
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Rudyard Kipling

Here the espionage and spiritual threads of the story collide, with the Lama unwittingly falling into conflict with Russian intelligence agents. Kim obtains maps, papers, and other important items from the Russians working to undermine British control of the region. Mookherjee befriends the Russians under cover, acting as a guide and ensures that they do not recover the lost items. Kim, aided by some porters and villagers, helps to rescue the Lama. The Lama realizes that he has gone astray. His search for the 'River of the Arrow' should be taking place in the plains, not in the mountains, and he orders the porters to take them back. Here Kim and the Lama are nursed back to health after their arduous journey. Kim delivers the Russian documents to Babu, and a concerned Mahbub Ali comes to check on Kim. The Lama finds his river and ach...

Inglise kirjandus - Keskkool
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Laeva ujuvus 2. LAEVA UJUVUS Archimedese seadus laevale Igale vedelikus või gaasis asetsevale laevale mõjub üleslükkejõud, mis on võrdne selle laeva poolt väljatõrjutud vedeliku või gaasi kaaluga. See on laeva ujuvuse hüdro- ja aerostaatika seadus. 2.1. Laeva mõjujõud z...

Laevandus - Kutsekool
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Reklaamiõpetuse eksam

1.Mida tähendab mõiste reklaam? Termin reklaam tuleb ladinakeelsest sõnast reclamare, mis tähendab karjuma,vastu hüüdma. Reklaam-see on ideede, kaupade või teenuste mitteisiklik tutvustamine ja propaganda tellija ülesandel. Kasutatakse raadiot, televisiooni, ajalehti, müürilehti, postitatavaid prospekte, bussiplakateid, katalooge, tetamikke, programme, rin...

Ökoloogia ja keskkond - Eesti Hotelli ja Turismikõrgkool
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Raalprojekteerimine kordamisküsimused - vastused

CIM ­ Common Information Model, MBS ­ Multi Body Rakendusvaldkondade keeled; 5.-Tehisintellekti ja interfeisi Simulation, FEM - Finite Element Method, RP ­ Rapid keeled; 6.-Neuronvõrgus 15.Operatsioonisüsteem ­ on Prototyping, PDM - Product Data Management. programm, mis käitub kui vahendaja arvutikasutaja ja riistvara 2.Cam- (computer aided ...

Raalprojekteerimine - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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