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Overall on Canoni ametlik maaletooja ja partner alates asutamisest 1990. aastal.Eestis on Canon eelkõige tuntud kvaliteetsete väljastus- ja skaneerimisseadmete ning fototehnika kaubamärgina, kuid ettevõtte tootevalik on oluliselt laiem ning lisaks kodu- ja kontorikeskkonda mõeldud toodetele pakub Canon mitmeid teaduse, meditsiini, televisiooni ja elektroonika valdkonnas olulisi tööstusseadmeid.
Over - all solution and pressed on. Experts in Japanese filled in missing letters; mathematicians tied in one cycle with another and both to the tables. Every weapon of cryptanalytic science—which in the stratospheric realm of this solution drew heavily upon mathematics, using group theory, congruences, Poisson distributions—was thrown into the fray.
Over one - half of the total U.S. hydroelectric capacity for electricity generation is concentrated in three States (Washington, California and Oregon) with approximately 27 percent in Washington, the location of the Nation’s largest hydroelectric facility – the Grand Coulee Dam.

Over stay – tõenäoliselt jääb veel üheks ööks: ei ole välja registreerinud, asjad on toas aga ei ole sellest majutusettevõttele teatanud Do not disturb – mitte tülitada, mitte vahekoristada, mitte ruumi siseneda
Overall results – , it is not. The written form does not become less real if it takes the form of an e-mail or a website rather than of a letter or physical ledger; in a way, perhaps more so, because it is more accessible.
Over one - half of the respondents have found that they know too little about harmful substances, which refers to the fact that raising awareness is very much expected and must definitely continue.

Over me - the smell of his skin and hot, grinding sex. My eyes stung and I let a few tears slide down my face, despite being in a very public, very busy restaurant.
Over - commit (v) overcrowded (adj) overestimate (v) overhear (v) overshadow (v) overtake (v) overthrow (v) overwhelming (adj) own up (phr v) ownership (n)
Over 2006 - 2008, nearly 42% of the $26 billion foreign direct investment in Ukraine went to the financial sector as foreign interest in Ukrainian banks peaked.

Overjoyed – ülirõõmus thunder – äike, kõu patent office – patendiamet timid – pelglik, uje path (to school) – (kooli)tee, rada tippet – sall
Over stopping – the full stop is used very frequently separating words or phrases that normally don’t form a sentence. E.g. I wouldn’t call her beautiful.
Over - extraction can occur if the grind is too fine for a particular brewing method and under- extraction can occur if the grind is too large.

Overhead squat - a barbell is held overhead in a wide-arm snatch grip; however, it is also possible to use a closer grip if flexibility allows.
Overbooking - ületellimine, ülemüük- olukord, kus hotelli võetakse vastu rohkem tellimusi kui seal on müügiks mõeldud vabu tube.
Overcharge – liiga kõrget hinda nõudma touch – puudutus package holiday – pakettpuhkus tour – ringkäik, huvireis, turnee

Over - wintering in camps and the control of extensive areas of land became characteristic of Viking activity in England.
Overdose on the first of november in 1999 and they were taken to the hospidal where was Karen too. Wendy was a doctor there.
Over - distance runs post-workout shin pain shoes for, 31.1, 31.2 stationary biking for and timed walking

Over one - fourth of the crude oil produced in the United States is produced offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.
Over exercising – Exercising regularly is a very good thing for your body, but it must not be overdone.
Overbooked - to sell more tickets or places for an aircraft, holiday, etc. than are available

Over - tighten the spark plugs, otherwise itself to be examined on both sides.
Over three - fourths of single-family homes have some type of air conditioning.
Over three - quarters of Canada’s people live in cities or towns.

Over - weight is not good for your heart and its actions.
Overhead cam - setup kasutatakse paljudes tänapäeva autod.
Over - stopping creates a peculiar abrupt rhythm.

Over - salting, especially of the surface layers.
Over - wet the surfaces being cleaned.
Overheads - üldkulud - operating costs

Over - liberal use of cursewords.
Over - the-knee Boots Ballerinas

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