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Other parameters — —— (Peak count Pc) S, a, a, q S, a, a, q, Lo, D average value of all average value of all ——— Average sampling lengths sampling lengths not defined Comparison rule of measured value with 16% rule ——— ——— not defined 16% rule default tolerance limits Maximum rule ——— ——— not defined Max rule for parameter with suffix "max"
Other – clock generated at end of each bit cell – edge transition determines if bit cell is ‘0’ or ‘1’ – 10: Receiver not Ready (RNR)– 11: Selective Reject (SREJ) 2. A circuit connecting two points without the use of any PPP, on the other hand, would be comparable to a railway 3. Unnumbered format - U frame intermediate terminal or computer.
Other prod - Semidry and dry fermented sausages are con- ucts made in a way similar to Lap Cheong sidered ready-to-eat products, referring to but replacing pork meat with duck, chicken, those products that do not undergo thermal or pig liver are Cantonese speciality prod- treatments before consumption.

Other expla - nations have pointed to the kind of people who were attracted to the People's Tem- ple. They were mostly poor and uneducated individuals who were willing to give up their freedoms of thought and action for the safety of a place where all decisions would be made for them.
Other tra - (France) from autochthonous heavy pigs bred ditional European hams are the German in an extensive system and fattened with Westphalian ham, the Katenschinken (cold chestnuts. The processing may take up to 18 smoked ham), and the Finnish “sauna” hams.
Otherwise - в остальных Vm . t 3. t .T случаях. 0 if T < t < 2 0 otherwise График сигнала при диапазоне изменения времени T t 1.5 . T , 1.5 . T .. 2 . T представлен на рис.1.1.1. 500

Other imaginal - disc rudiments) express the segment-polarity gene Engrailed, while those in the anterior half do not. The initial asymmetries lay the founda- tions for a subsequent more detailed patterning, just as in the egg and early
Other carcass - derived materials them grayish white because no preserving include edible byproducts, pork skin emul- nitrite is used in Weisswurst preparation sion, and also sometimes blood or plasma.
Other species - specific flavor compounds directly from the diet, produced as the result include 2-methyl-3-[methyl]-furan and Table 2.1. Flavors and aromas associated with volatile compounds in meat

Other enhancer - binding proteins, nuclear receptors act as transcription factors by binding to specific DNA recognition sequences generally located upstream of responsive genes.
Other reasons - Fragile X Syndrome - Birthtraumas - Phenylketonuria - Diseases - Tuberous Sclerosis - Unknown reasons - Down’s Syndrome - Rett’s Syndrome
Other non - Arab Muslims might use different names as much as Allah, for instance „Tanri“ in Turkish, „Khoda“ in Persian or „Khuda“ in Urdu.

Others fell on the opposite side of the line, finding that bondage and humiliation satisfied their deep-seated need to feel pain to experience pleasure.
Otherwise on country schools the lunge meals has to be because people live far from home otherwise they don’t get their warm meal on right time.
Other high - fat foods? Scott was an MD and former astronaut who had attempted to summit Everest twice, losing about 25 pounds on each attempt.

Other computer - based instructional systems also offer a planning tool, including Inspiration Software, Inc., which offers elaborate
Other carbo - important in metabolism and protein degra- hydrates include glucose, intermediates of dation/cellular remodeling.
Other meat - related scandals, regulations based on scientific evidence and current leg- were issued to ensure traceability.

Others – for instance, business-interruption insurance, covering losses due to times of business inactivity.
Other on their side, for she is not the kind of girl to do such a thing if she had been well looked after.
Other human - operable equipment should conform after any major accident where "human error" has been detected.

Others - from copies of the cat. I believe the same can be said for a highly publicized multiple murder.
Other back - up arrangements for ECDIS are acceptable (see appendix 6 to resolution A.817(19), as amended).
Other formats – joonis mõnel muul failikujul, nagu *.DWT- failina, *.DWS- failina, *.DXF-failina;

Other non - leguminous grain crops, nitrogen is usually the first limiting factor for yield.
Other attributes on the Strokes, Tools, or Control panels to use with the Live Paint Bucket tool.
Other – väikese algustähega – viitab teisele (other), kes sarnaneb iseendale.

Other opera - goers refuse to sit in the same box as Anna, for she has sinned.
Other object on the table was a small other reverses the motion.
Other formats – loob joonisest mingi muu (lubatud) failikujus

Other – e.g. someone excavates too close to the
Other catalase - positive cocci that grow aerobically.
Other systems — which the cryptanalysts could read.

Other — Welsh, Norse, Finnish, Gothic.

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