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One - of-a-kind production Almost every project is as a Pre-engineered delivering prototype products; integration of different phases Site production External uncertainties; task Use prefabricated elements interdependencies Temporary organization Optimization of activities Long-term alliances; team (lowest bid); unreliable building from the exchange of information really point of beginning Table 3.1 Peculiarities of construction, source Koskela & Ballard 2003.
One - shot Generates a single interrupt the first time that the timer times out. Scheduled interrupt Generates an interrupt each time that the timer times out. Pulse Output Function Since the CPM1A with transistor output has a pulse output function capable of outputting a pulse of 20 Hz to 2kHz (single-phase output), a stepping motor can be controlled by the CPU Unit alone.
One - page summary of the project Table of Contents Problem Definition Introduces and defines the problem Problem Scope Technical Review Design Requirements Design Description Describes the design Overview Detailed Description Use Evaluation Evaluates the design Overview Prototype Testing and Results Subsection for each requirement Assessment

One - part, defined, xiii solution of, 139-140, 143- 144, 218-219, 223 two-part, defined, xiii See also 0075; BROWN; KRU; LA; under individual names Code and Cipher Compilation Section, 191 Code and Signal Section, 12, 192, 207, 302 Codebreaking, definition, xv Codegroups, definition, xii-xiii Codenames, 266-268 See also under individual
One - way analysis of variance keskmisi üldise keskmisega (ANOVA) is a specific sub-case of t-test, “but is – Gruppidesisesed erinevused – võrreldakse iga väärtust used when you have two or more groups and you grupi keskmisega wish to compare their mean scores on a (Tambur) continuous variable” (Pallant, 2001: 92)
One - leg hamstring curls on a Swiss ball—6–12 reps each leg 4. Plank for abs (and gluteus medius on sides) → Progression: start with 30 seconds front, 30 seconds each side, working up to 90 seconds maximum 5. Reverse hyper × 15–25 Repeat sequence 2–4 times.

One world - class powerlifter who’d visited Buhler shared an anecdote from his rst visit: “He hadn’t even touched me and he announced that I had weak quads. I responded back with ‘Weak quads?! I deadlift 900 pounds!’ to which Craig just shrugged and went to work.
Oneroid – meelepetted hõlmavad kogu teadvuse . Krambisündroom . Minestamine Stuupor (stupor) - väliste stiimulite mittetajumine ja/või reaktsioonide puudumine neile (nt katatoonne skisofreenia). Stuuporit ei käsitleta tüüpilise teadvusehäire seisundina.
One - time pad. Though the Cicero messages may have contributed to the solution of some lesser British systems and so helped produce some minor information, they could not make possible the recovery of the one- time keys of any other messages.

One - legged squats with the unused leg extended straight in front of you. 14. Note from Tim: Coincidentally, I’ve made my greatest strength gains outside of the deadlift using two work sets of six, two exercises per workout.
One - time-only Special Orders - one type of decision that affects output levels is accepting or rejecting special orders when there is idle production capacity and special orders have no long-run implications.
One sur - vey at the University of Washington (Walker, 1967) found that, of the fraternity chap- ters examined, most had a type of Help Week tradition but that this community service was in addition to Hell Week.

One impor - humans and animals should be decontami- tant aspect of this organism is that it can nated and not allowed to be in contact with grow in refrigerated vacuum-packaged meat water and food supplies.
One on each side of the vessel (Figure 14), and towed from here on a single warp (a) shackled to a three chain bridle (b) attached directly to the beam (c) which holds open the mouth of the trawl.
One - to-N Host Link Up to 32 CPU Units can be connected to an IBM PC/AT compatible computer Connection with a 3G2A9-AL004-E Link Adapter and RS-422 Adapters, as shown in the fol- lowing diagram.

One - to-one Host Link The CPM1A CPU Unit can be connected to an IBM PC/AT compatible computer Connection or a Programmable Terminal with an RS-232C Adapter, as shown in the follow- ing diagram.
One - sided view concerns us, since it ignores Ginés et al. 2005; Jiménez-Colmenero the important role of meat in the maintenance 2007a, b; Arihara and Ohata 2008). Since of human health.
One - to-one PC Link A data link can be created with a data area in another CPM1A, CQM1, CPM1, SRM1 or C200HS or C200HX/HG/HE PC. An RS-232C Adapter is used to make the 1:1 connection.

One - way ciphers have been devised: it is possible to put messages into cipher, but not to get them back out. New-bold's seemed to be the only example extant of the reverse situation.
One virginia - based study nicely captured the style of terrible twos among boys who averaged 24 months in age (S. S. Brehm &. Weintraub, 1977). The boys __..21jjje!~._ Chapter 7 SCARCITY
One rolled on another little village, Salla, in a secondary cut-off. But intelligence developed in the Swedish cryptanalytic office helped the Finns to repulse both Russian attacks.

One stab - The natural, this old Indian merges with the colonel's family needs, status quo lover; doesn't want to speak English, sometimes a story teller of this epic story.
One - arm, one-leg DB row 3. Walking lunges with sprinter knee raise 4. Wide-grip push-ups3 5. Two-arm kettlebell swings × 20–25 Repeat sequence 2–4 times.
Onenote 2010 on audio salvestamise funktsiooni, mis võimaldab näiteks kogu õppejõu räägitava informatsiooni salvestada ja selle põhjal saab hiljem teha konspekti.

One - year full academic year) • investment, marketing and corporate finance modules • study visits to major Firms in Europe, the U.S. and the Pacific Rim
One - within + one-between katsedisain näeb ette katsealuste jagamise katse alguses kahte gruppi. Üht gruppi mõjutatakse interventsiooniga ja teist mitte.
One actin - binding protein called alpha-actinin 3 (ACTN3) is expressed only in fast-twitch muscle ber, the crown jewel of shot-putters and bodybuilders worldwide.

Onenote 2010 on keskne koht, kus saab hõlpsalt korraldada olulist infot alates koosolekute protokollidest ja klienditeabest ning lõpetades koduse remondi eelarvega.
One - to-one Communications The following diagram shows the possible methods for a 1:1 connection between a CPM1A and an IBM PC/AT or compatible computer.
One - leg Romanian Deadlift (RDL)4 (10–12 reps each side) 2. Chin-up (four-second negative lowering portion only) × 10 or until you cannot control

One - time session key (ühine salavõti, mida saatja ja saaja kasutavad omavahelises suhtluses). Antud R1-e kasutatakse ainult antud sessiooni ajal.
Onedrive on Microsofti poolt loodud failide hoiustamise tarkvara, mis on tihedalt seotud Windows 8ga. Failide hoiustamine ja jagamine on lihtne ja kiire.
Onegin on rikas hellitatud noormees, kellel on elutüdimus Armastuse maha laitmine Onegin“ kõikidest pidustustest ja hõlbuelu nautimisest.

One fifth - grade language teacher wrote to me about a test she gives her students on the proper use of the past, present, and future tenses.
One - piece Construction The CPM1A CPU Units feature a one-piece construction including 10, 20, 30, or 40 built-in I/O terminals.
One - to-N Communications The following diagram shows how to connect up to 32 CPM1A PCs to an IBM PC/AT or compatible computer.

Onegini kiri on piina kulminatsioon, Tatjana nutab kirja lugedes. Kuid ütleb siiski Oneginile ära, ära ütlemisega piinab ka ennast.
One - third of our plate with animal esh, sometimes we forget to think about what the other two-thirds should be filled with.
Onegini stroof - 14 rida (korrastatud värsid). Kangelaste hulgas on autor ise ja kuna P ise sekkub, tundub kogu teos tõepärasem.

One on the UK Albums Chart it recorded first week sales of 65,000, achieving gold status in both the UK and Ireland.
Onenote on märkmete kogumise programm, millega saab üles märkida näiteks tunnis või loengutes räägitavad teemad.
Onegin – mulle näis ta esmamuljel liiderlikuna ning kõrgustesse püüdleva inimesena, kes sisimas kartis eksida.

One – off event was backed but not run by the RHS, which cancelled its own Great Spring Show for that year.
One - shot bit A bit that is turned ON or OFF for a specified interval of time which is longer than one scan.
One - between katsediasini puhul ilmneb veel üks probleem, mida nimetatakse õppimise või testi efektiks.

One - stop üksikpeatus Opposite vastand Output toodang Overstatement liialdus Overwhelmed alla jäänud
Onegini stroof - 14 rida (korrastatud värsid). Tegevus toimus aastatel 1820-1825. Puškin vastandas tegelasi.
One large - scale program designed to produce compliance illustrates how several of the factors work.

One - document.jsp?document_id=2738 
Onenote on osa MS Office paketist, on see kõigi paketi tarkvaradega ühilduv.
One - time pad, very popular after World War II, has fallen out of favor.

Onegin on noor, nõtke, moodsa soenguga, elegantne aadel kallis ülikonnas.
One - half of the heat is produced in, normally coal-fired, CHP plants.
Onegin on skeptik, pettunud, Lenski vastupidiselt entusiastlik, naiivne.

One - day morale and inspection tour of bases in the upper Solomons.
One hotly - argued issue at this stage was the matter of Mufasa's death.
One on one lesson format but can also be done in a group setting.

One - time pads have turned up with a number of top Soviet spies.
One third on the trade routes to the Philippines and the Marianas.
One on the left side held sex toys still in their packages.

One - third of the rated value through an incandescent lamp
Onee - san Ozashiki – sit and observe ->potential clients

One is – what was the question that was asked from court.
One page - Suurendab lehte kuni leht on oma täismõõtmetes.
One person — pose a problem for the causal–historical view.

Onega – Järv Loode-Venemaal, kalarikas, palju saari
One -
One - third of the region’s coal production.

One - third of the international dairy trade.
Onegin on Byronlikust poosist haaratud tegelane.
One - by-one from memory and executing them.

One 17 - year-old girl, trying to get a job as
One – Henry VII Chapel aka Lady Chapel.

Onenote2010 programm on mõeldud märkmete tegemiseks.
Onegin on Moskvas ja temast juttu pole.
Onenote on märkmete kogumise programm.

Oneroidne ehk unetaoline teadvuse häire.
One republic on pop roki bänd Coloradost.
One - time pad, already exists.

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