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Low - quality pieces, and it has to be imple- Kent 1987; Kraszewski and Nelson 1992), mented with additional information on the or, for example, fruit ripening (Nelson et al. product. 1993, 1994, 1995, 2006, 2007). There also This chapter presents an overview of exist in-line applications for the meat the main electromagnetic physical methods sector—for example, the evaluation of meat for controlling meat products throughout tenderness by using x-ray absorptiometry the production process.
Low season - madalhooaja hind, letihinnast madalam hind, peamiselt ärihotellides hooajavälised nädalalõpud; puhkepiirkondades hooajavälise aja hind high season - kõrghooaja hind, letihinnast kõrgem hind ürituste ja teiste väga kõrge nõudlusega perioodi ajaks ( tuleb anda koos letihinnaga periood ette ) weekend rate - erihind nädalalõpuks võib olla nii kõrgem kui madalam letihinnast
Low - lying низменный lower-lying land более низкие земли lowland низкая местность 25. on the whole в целом 26. harvest a crop собирать / убирать урожай crop 1. урожай a record crop of wheat рекордный урожай пшеницы 2. с.-х. культура Wheat is a widely grown crop in Britain.

Lower - left of the Document window, you can use the Artboard Navigation arrows in the lower-left of the Document window to go to the first, previous, next, and last artboards, you can double-click the name of an artboard in the Artboards panel to navigate to an artboard, or you can use the Navigator panel to drag the proxy preview area to navigate between artboards.
Low - Fat Pâté reported that the meat emulsion undergoes In emulsified low-fat meat, the disperse proteolytic digestion and cooking, and when phase is partially or totally replaced by other later subjected to hydrostatic pressure materials that contribute to the formation of (>400,000 kPa) for enough time, obtains <4.5 a similar two-phase physical system.
Low self - esteem or confusion about goals may be the S h a d o w s that chill our work, an editor or one's own j u d g m e n t a l side may be the T h r e s h o l d Guardians that seem to block our way. Accidents, computer problems, and difficulties with time and discipline may torment and taunt us like Tricksters.

Lower – alandama, madaldama – опускать, понижать hydraulic ring – hüdrauliline rõngas – гидравлическое кольцо eye screw/eye bolt – aaspolt – рымболт tommy bar – seadetihvt, mutrivõti, kepsli kang – штифт, гаечный ключ, лом
Low - stability meats such as mechanically importance. recovered meat should be stored for 8 months Most unprocessed meat is either frozen in or less, medium-stability meats such as pork batch air systems as bone-in carcasses, sides, and processed meats should be stored for 122 Chapter 5
Low - pollen sunflowers have been developed in recent years which not only helps asthma sufferers, but extend the flower's life Language of Flowers: The dwarf sunflower means "adulation". Medicinal: The sunflower is grown for the seeds and oil it produces.

Low - Salt Bacon In addition to reducing salt levels, the UK In an effort to reduce the incidence of hyper- industry is faced with reducing nitrite levels tension in the UK, the Food Standards in certain types of bacon to comply with new Bacon 333
Low self - esteem, moody, etc. • Clinical & social relevance Extraversion Sociable, lively, assertive, – N: proneness to neuroses, anxiety and depression sensation-seeking, etc. – P: proneness to psychoses, antisocial behaviour, & drug addiction
Lower - fat meal options, you may make a salad dressing using slightly more oil: two tablespoons olive oil or macadamia oil. No corn, beans, tomatoes, or carrots are permitted, but one cheat meal is encouraged every seven to ten days.

Low - fat ogy. International Journal of Food Science and sodium-reduced sausages: Effect of the interaction Technology 39:1043–1052. between locust bean gum, potato starch and κ- Curt, C., J. Hossenlopp, and G. Trystram.
Low impact - madala koormusega aeroobikatund, mis põhineb erinevatel kõnni- ja sammukombinatsioonidel. Treeningtunnis ei kasutata jooksu ja hüplemist, muusika on rahulik, harjutades on üks jalg põrandaga pidevalt kontaktis.
Low - molecular mass antimicrobial com- formation. This phenomena is only the first pounds, may be one of the critical character- step in the process and is followed by further istics for effective competitive exclusion.

Lower - achieving students similary Method ● Empirically ● Validity of Project STAR Compromise 1. Switching of students among class types in grade 1,2, and 3. 2.Student attrition between kindergarden and
Low - budget films in Britain usually begin with a script, which is written specially for playing in the cinema. There are courses over Britain for people who want to learn how to write a script.
Low - ­‐rised  with   terraced  streets  of  one  or  two-­‐storeyed  detached  and  semi-­‐detatched  houses  made  of  white   stone  and  tiled  roofs.    

Low self - esteem. She was negative and fearful, and had no confi- dence at all. She was shy and self-effacing, and did not consider herself to be particularly valuable or worthwhile.
Low - temperature freezing (−18°C and and starter culture (if used) is added with the below) for several days to several weeks, other ingredients and with curing salt.
Low - level waste is stored in sealed facilities for hours,days or weeks,but high-level waste stays isolated for thousands of years,it is buried deep underground.

Lower limit - the 16% rule (shown as L) Check it in shorter sampling length at non-periodic and change it Measure the surface that can be expected the lowest roughness.
Lower water - binding capacity (Arnau et al. certain antioxidant activity (Pegg and Shahidi 1995) and an unpleasant salty taste due to an 2000). excess of salt intake.
Low self - efficacy is associated with depression high self-efficacy can help one overcome abuse, overcome eating disorders, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lowest - cost producer in the market; differentiation - offering something different, extra or special; and focus - achieving dominance in a niche market.
Low - temperature, long-time heating of bovine Journal of Food Engineering 71:18–27. muscle 1. Changes in tenderness, water-binding Palka, Krystyna.
Low - Acid, Traditional Dry Sausages on mold toxins (mycotoxins) began and Unlike lactic starter-produced sausages, the developed by leaps and bounds.

Low - latency strategies – strateegia, mis põhineb eelkõige väga madalal latentsusel (latency) ehk ollakse turuga võimalikult otse ühenduses.
Low - rise construction, for example, has been in the range of +/- 5 – 10mm, a standard previously regarded as precise among building materials.
Lowest is - 23ºC. Most of the animals that live in Australia are marsupials or pouched mammals and there are more than 150 different species of them.

Low - fat, high Doctorat de l’Université, Clermont II. added-water bologna formulated with texture-modify- Desmond E. M., and T. A. Kenny.
Low - fat, no added salt in mediated polymerization of crude actomyosin refined restructured beef steaks with various binders.
Low - budget films are shot on limited budget, beacause young or unknown dircetors suffer from lack of funding from studios.

Low - temperature air oven vs a water bath for the prepara- vitamin retention (Rhee et al. 1993). The tion of rare beef.
Low - resolution artwork and then scale up when you’re ready to go to a finished output such as high-quality print.
Lowered ph - value ensure safety in terms of lactic starter fermented sausages and the hygiene and spoilage prevention.

Low - oxygen packag- pork in modified atmosphere packaging/nisin com- ing of fresh meat with carbon monoxide.
Low - angle camera position was also a relatively new film technique that was used throughout Falcon.
Low - frequency stimulation has an opposite effect, causing a subset of spines to regress.

Low - E kate võimaldab ehitise Tuulutusklapiga aken kaotab avatava aknaosa suurusest.
Low - budget tourism and the consumption of hedonistic and/or spiritual experiences.
Lower - lying lands (to flood), and the North Sea and the English Channel (to form).

Low - maintenance Design Flash memory provides memory backup without a battery.
Low - set dog; the length of its body is longer than its height at the withers.
Low - density settlements and land use changes in a Mediterranean urban region.

Low - cut blouses, short skirts and tight clothing are not suitable office.
Low - ball procedure for pro- ducing compliance: Commitment then cost.
Lower - left corner of the medium-gray rectangle on the left grid plane.

Lower - budget, independent, such as, Hideous Kinky and Holy Smoke.
Low - level waste,intermediate-level waste and high-level waste.

Low - level function available through the Windows Application
Low - stretch, high-strength riblines support codend loads.
Low - fat spread based on soy. The formulation processing.

Lowitzi kaared on heledad kaarjad sabad pikkusega umbes 20 kraadi.
Low - current reference should be used here.
Lower water - holding capacity and higher was used.

Lower - left corner of the Document window.
Lower - right corner of the brochure cover.
Low - ball- madala pallilöögi taktika.

Lower - left corner of the Welcome Screen.
Low - oxygen packag- by R. Ahvenainen.
Low - brow, middle-brow, highbrow

Lower left - hand side of the radiator.
Low - pass filter Calculations

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