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Low - Fat Pâté reported that the meat emulsion undergoes In emulsified low-fat meat, the disperse proteolytic digestion and cooking, and when phase is partially or totally replaced by other later subjected to hydrostatic pressure materials that contribute to the formation of (>400,000 kPa) for enough time, obtains <4.5 a similar two-phase physical system.
Low - stability meats such as mechanically importance. recovered meat should be stored for 8 months Most unprocessed meat is either frozen in or less, medium-stability meats such as pork batch air systems as bone-in carcasses, sides, and processed meats should be stored for 122 Chapter 5
Low - pollen sunflowers have been developed in recent years which not only helps asthma sufferers, but extend the flower's life Language of Flowers: The dwarf sunflower means "adulation". Medicinal: The sunflower is grown for the seeds and oil it produces.

Low - Salt Bacon In addition to reducing salt levels, the UK In an effort to reduce the incidence of hyper- industry is faced with reducing nitrite levels tension in the UK, the Food Standards in certain types of bacon to comply with new Bacon 333
Low - fat ogy. International Journal of Food Science and sodium-reduced sausages: Effect of the interaction Technology 39:1043–1052. between locust bean gum, potato starch and κ- Curt, C., J. Hossenlopp, and G. Trystram.
Low - molecular mass antimicrobial com- formation. This phenomena is only the first pounds, may be one of the critical character- step in the process and is followed by further istics for effective competitive exclusion.

Low - budget films in Britain usually begin with a script, which is written specially for playing in the cinema. There are courses over Britain for people who want to learn how to write a script.
Low - ­‐rised  with   terraced  streets  of  one  or  two-­‐storeyed  detached  and  semi-­‐detatched  houses  made  of  white   stone  and  tiled  roofs.    
Low - temperature freezing (−18°C and and starter culture (if used) is added with the below) for several days to several weeks, other ingredients and with curing salt.

Low - level waste is stored in sealed facilities for hours,days or weeks,but high-level waste stays isolated for thousands of years,it is buried deep underground.
Low - temperature, long-time heating of bovine Journal of Food Engineering 71:18–27. muscle 1. Changes in tenderness, water-binding Palka, Krystyna.
Low - rise construction, for example, has been in the range of +/- 5 – 10mm, a standard previously regarded as precise among building materials.

Low - fat, high Doctorat de l’Université, Clermont II. added-water bologna formulated with texture-modify- Desmond E. M., and T. A. Kenny.
Low - budget films are shot on limited budget, beacause young or unknown dircetors suffer from lack of funding from studios.
Low - temperature air oven vs a water bath for the prepara- vitamin retention (Rhee et al. 1993). The tion of rare beef.

Low - resolution artwork and then scale up when you’re ready to go to a finished output such as high-quality print.
Low - oxygen packag- pork in modified atmosphere packaging/nisin com- ing of fresh meat with carbon monoxide.
Low - angle camera position was also a relatively new film technique that was used throughout Falcon.

Low - frequency stimulation has an opposite effect, causing a subset of spines to regress.
Low - E kate võimaldab ehitise Tuulutusklapiga aken kaotab avatava aknaosa suurusest.
Low - set dog; the length of its body is longer than its height at the withers.

Low - density settlements and land use changes in a Mediterranean urban region.
Low - maintenance Design Flash memory provides memory backup without a battery.
Low - cut blouses, short skirts and tight clothing are not suitable office.

Low - level waste,intermediate-level waste and high-level waste.
Low - level function available through the Windows Application
Low - stretch, high-strength riblines support codend loads.

Low - fat spread based on soy. The formulation processing.
Low - current reference should be used here.
Low - ball- madala pallilöögi taktika.

Low - oxygen packag- by R. Ahvenainen.
Low - brow, middle-brow, highbrow
Low - pass filter Calculations

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