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Language - speakers and lawyers in all modern languages) they think of 'a right' as something beneficial which a person has (a 'moral [including legal] quality' in Grotius's terminology), rather than 'that which is just in a given situation', the ensemble of juridical relationships established, by rules, between two or more persons in relation to some subject-matter (act, thing, or state of affairs). 12 Leviathan (1651), ch. xiv; in Raphael (ed.), British Moralists, vol. 1, para.
Language – Tim Berners-Lee; URL – Uniform Resource Locator; HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol; 1990 Tampere tehnikaülikoolist laenuks saadud moodemi Robotics Courier V.32 abil panid Küberneerika Instituudi teadurid Aleksander Shmundak, Mari Kõpp ja Leonid Tomberg käima regulaarse ühenduse oma instituudi ja soome UNIXI-kasutajate seltsi (FUUG) masina vahel.
Language - Gaelic • Most people speak the Scottish dialect – becoming endangered language • Weather – unpredictable • Breathtaking scenery Scottish Industries • Traditional -coal mining, steel production, shipbuilding • Today – offshore oli and gas, finacial services, high technology, fishing, forestry, whisky, tourism, computer production,

Language - in 1828 and after his death, his family sold the rights to the rights to the brothers George and Charles Merriam, who continued to publish the dictionary under the name Merriam-Webster. Webster's aim was to spell words more closely to the way they were pronounced and to create obvious differences to British English.
Language - Culture Connection 10. Native Language Effect Successfully learning a language In beginning levels, many errors are means learning about the culture, too. caused by native language Application – Discuss cross-cultural interference.
Language –  the don’ts Language – the dos Avoid jargon Use everyday language Avoid complex phrases Use concrete words Avoid being too formal Use rhetorical questions Avoid long sentences Use dramatic structures

Language user – time, region and society (what do these notions mean and what are some problems associated to them?); language use – tenor, mode and domain (what do these notions mean and what are some problems associated to them?).
Language – Norwegian The flag of Norway is red with an indigo blue Scandinavian cross outlined in white that extends to the edges of the flag.
Language short - wave news broadcast: 1) In case of Japan-U.S. relations in danger: HIGASHI NO KAZE AME ("east wind rain")

Languages –  English, and Gaelic, which is spoken by about half a million people.
Language depends on the ability to choose the proper word among those that denote the same thing.
Language - andmetöötlus) tegevusi (andmete valimine, muutmine, lisamine, kustutamine).

Language - English setting, 21st c reality: racist attacks.
Language - museum.com/encyclopedia/a/amharic.gif)
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