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Impact negatively on the oxidative stability criminating against meat that has turned of muscle lipids and lead to the development brown in color (Hood and Riordan 1973; of undesirable flavors (Rhee and Ziprin 1987; Morrissey et al. 1994). It is because of Estevez and Cava 2004). The breakdown such sensory quality changes in fresh meat products of lipid oxidation have been associ-
Impact on sexual desire in women and therefore cannot be used in the case of female sex offenders. Chemical castration greatly reduces recidivism rates of paraphiliacs from over 90% to approximately 2%. This means that a chemically castrated parolee need not be considered as any more of a threat to victim populations, including children, than the male
Impact on individuals and society" • Originally housed in the Crystal Palace at Sydenham Hill, the museum opened to the public in 1920. • In 1924 the museum moved to space in the Imperial Institute in South Kensington, and finally in 1936 the museum acquired a permanent home which was previously the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Southwark.

Impact on this is the user interface (UI), which for best usability is usually graphical (i.e. a GUI). A software product possesses the characteristic reliability to the extent that it can be expected to perform its intended functions satisfactorily.
Imp – insuliin-5’-monofosfaat, tema baasil sünteesitakse AMP ja GMP. Sünteesis kasutatavad aminohapped: Glu, Gly, Gln, Asp. AMP süntees: (1) 6-O asendamine aspartaadiga (2) fumaraadi mittehüdrolüütiline eraldamine.
Impact on schedule Although the project was 3D and BIM helped to reduce completed 8 months behind design related RFIs and solve schedule due to problems with clashes prior to construction.

Impact on design The Tekla model was useful Without 3D tools, designing for discovering clashes this building would have been between the structural steel almost impossible.
Impact on surveying Having a baseline 3D model X,Y,Z coordinates of critical was instrumental for the state- steel members were extracted of-the-art laser scanners.
Impact on fabrication The 3D steel detailing model The shop drawing review was was used to sequence coordinated between the fabrication and erection.

Impact on cost A temporary steel model from Reducing the construction MKA increased the accuracy schedule by 3 months, of subcontractor bids.
Imp 17 – 19 saj rahvaarvu kohta järeldusi teha ei saa. O riigi 19 – 20 saj rahvaarvu kohta saab otsustada rahvaloenduste põhjal.
Impala on esimene Ameerika sedaan viimase 20 aasta jooksul, mis on saanud tarbiauuringutel võimalikust 100 punktist 95 punkti.

Impairment - The result of being impaired; a deterioration or weakening; a disability or handicap; an inefficient part or factor.
Impact on the environment 28.peamine mure major concern 29.tagantjärgi tarkus hindsight 30.hävitama varad ruin the assets
Impact on Increased accuracy and speed 3D helped to determine shoring construction thanks to laser surveying.

Imp - International Handbook of Giftedness lications of a systems perspective for and Talent.
Impact on results, and these decisions facilitate all the following stages of project delivery.
Impala ss - i märk toodi tagasi 1992. aasta Detroit Auto Showl GM-i disaineri Jon Mossi poolt.

Impact on the current relief and also the sea that covered the country once.
Impact on rural sustainability in Southern Jiangsu Province of China.
Impact on behavior. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 39

Impac - i preemia ja seda oli 2006. aastaks tõlgitud 24 keelde.
Impala on läbi teinud palju muudatusi ja arenenud läbi aastate.
Impaired co - ordination, perception and judgement.

Impacts - solar-power.html#.VEYyr7CsWKE
Impaktstruktuur – meteoriidikraater näiteks.

Impact on Public Service Management.
Impaktid on juhuslikud, kuid korduvad.

Impact - of-companion-animals/.

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