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Even today — the conviction in the minds of many people that cryptology is a black art, a form of occultism whose practitioner must, in William F. Friedman's apt phrase, "perforce commune daily with dark spirits to accomplish his feats of mental jiu-jitsu." In part it is a kind of guilt by association.
Even on protein and vegetables alone, I could bump glucose as high as 150 mg/dL without much e ort. Granted, I eat like a starving dog. In Whym restaurant in Manhattan, one friend nicknamed me “Orca” after watching me nonchalantly swallow a piece of ahi-tuna the size of my fist.
Even on this point there is much controversy and it is interesting to note that the first Siamese of which there is any record were said to have been brought to England in 1884 by Mr. Gould who was then Consul General in Bangkok at that time.

Even - tempered. From 1912 to 1915, he filed for patents for cryptographic check- writing devices, cipher keyboards for typewriters, movable letter blocks to form mixed reciprocal monoalphabets, and a ciphering typewriter.
Eventually went on to control most of India by conquest or treaty with the Indian princes. India became the ‘jewel in the Crown’. By 1770 the first British Empire had reached its largest extent.
Evenkide keeles tähendab sõna "det" sood, tundrat, paika taigas, kus kasvab palju sammalt ja mis on põtrade lemmikkohaks. Sellest tuletatud sõna "detur" tähendab kosmilist peajõge, mis - nagu

Even use on inclined walls is feasible without any special measures because additional concrete loads or lifting forces can be safely transferred into the structure.
Even on the TV with the BBCgiving the celebreties and comedians an entire eveing to entertain the nation wilst urging them to donate generously.
Even on the increase, as the old egoic consciousness, amplified by the collective pain-body, intensifies prior to its inevitable demise.

Even multiplexing — sending several messages simultaneously in both directions over a single wire—offered no real security.
Even on a steady diet of doubles (sets of two) on Barry’s program, my maximum bench wouldn’t budge.
Even well - known names such as Einstein and Andrew Lloyd- Webber have been associated with the university.

Event arbritage – Kindlad sündmused genereerivad lühiajalisi etteennustatavaid tulemusi.
Evening standard - Suurbritannia ajaleht, enamasti tasuta, mida jagatakse Londonis.
Even - marker, into one cell of an embryo at the two-cell stage.

Even on deadbed Mr Benckendorff thought about his wife.
Even - Marten Korberg 11B Etruskite 12
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