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Depending on one’s perspective, an concept behind this technology is the incor- advantage or disadvantage of this package is poration of an antimicrobial agent into the that it gives the product a very unique appear- packaging material by either spraying, ance (Belcher 2006). VSP involves produc- coating, physical mixing, or chemical binding tion of a skin package in which the product (Berry 2000). Food manufacturers may be is the forming mold.
Depending on their origin (beef, Comminution alone enhances the meat- pork, or poultry), meat proteins show differ- setting properties, in that the thermal stabili- ent gelation patterns and different responses ties of myosin and actin are modified and to salt (Barbut and Mittal 1989). protein salt-solubility is increased (Fernández- The simultaneous reduction of both salt Martín et al. 2002). content and fat content is not easily achieved.
Depending on the country you are staying, like in America you’ll probably have very good living environment, but if you have to compare it wiht Ukraine or Belarus then there are differences. Working in this field requires at least a degree from the university in any kind of subject that interests you. In my mind it would be better to get a degree in languages or in public relations, something that has anything to do with the work.

Depending on the particular device, the program is either 'burned' in permanently or semi- permanently as part of a board assembly process, or is loaded from an external memory each time the device is powered up. This user programmability gives the user access to complex integrated designs without the high engineering costs associated with application specific integrated circuits.
Depending on the motives of the person wishing to use them, any of the compli- ance techniques discussed in this book can be employed for good or for ill. It should not be surprising, then, that the low-ball tactic can be used for more socially beneficial purposes than selling new cars or reestablishing relationships with for- mer lovers.
Depending on the species, the final number of somites ranges from less than 50 (in a frog or a bird) to more than 300 (in a snake). The poste- rior, most immature part of the mesodermal slab, called the presomitic meso- derm, supplies the necessary tissue: as it retreats tailward, extending the embryo, it deposits a trail of somites.

Depending on where you are and what time of year it is. Other than the North where it’s above freezing for only a few months a year, most Canadian cities are within 300 km of the southern border, where mild springs, hot summers and pleasantly crisp autumns are common during the majority of the year.
Depending on the particular device, the program is either 'burned' in permanently or semi- permanently as part of a board assembly process, or is loaded from an external memory each time the device is powered up. This user programmability gives the user access to complex
Depending on the sausage diameter, flavor product. differences can be observed: aroma is more As a result of salt, soluble protein goes intense in larger sausages, due possibly to into solution and forms a net among meat and more anaerobic fermentation.

Depending on whether the H-bridge logic sees this condition as logical “1” or “0,” it can turn on both sides of the bridge and cause shoot-through. Be sure everything comes up in a safe condition and add pullups to the port pins if necessary.
Depending on the actual compound, drug misuse including alcohol may lead to health and social problems: such as injuries, unprotected sex, violence, deaths, vehicle accidents, homo – and suicides and mortality.
Depending on the agreed terms of delivery, the Ukrainian customers (or distributors) would be responsible for customs clearance and would have to pay customs duties and taxes (import VAT, excise) (if any).

Depending on the type of housing, it is possible to achieve energy efficiency class C…D ( 121…200 kWh/(m2·a)) upon renovation without spoiling the cultural and environmental value of the building.
Depending on the level of technical expertise of the site personnel and the complexity of the project, it might be necessary to have a full time model manager on the site to coordinate the BIM effort.
Depending on the options you selected in the Magic Wand panel, other objects with the same or similar attributes (fill color, stroke color, stroke weight, opacity, or blending mode) are selected.

Depending on the type of stream visited and the field chemistry and habitat measurements taken, biologists have certain expectations of what type of species they should expect to find.
Depending on the problem blocking the path to success, one should keep plugging away towards the goal or give the situation some time to settle and try to tackle them after some time.
Depending on the contents of the polluting must be fitted, so that smoking and cooking components, different equipment may be can be carried out concurrently in the same used.

Depending on the activity level of the melanocytes, the eye colour ranges from blue with other tints through to fully coloured, and from pale through to intense colour.
Depending on whether Click the Layers panel icon ( ) on the right side of the workspace to open the you’re targeting a layer or an object, or a group Layers panel.
Depending on your job and how much one can do. It will definitely be a good idea to try having a job while studying, considering what it can do for a person.

Depending on the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) there are different states the consumer may end up: euphoria, lethargy , confusion, stupor, coma.
Depending on system characteristics, the overshoot may be small or zero, and the oscillation may die out as the system settles on one value.
Depending on whether they rated the faces while experiencing subliminal pleasant or unpleasant odors (Li et aI., 2007). _ Chapter 5 LIKING

Depending on the nature of the network, the source and destination systems can be on the same LAN or on different LANs.
Depending on the temperature, can be a useful Stuffing is made under vacuum, sausages are weapon against parasites.
Depending on circumstances. The prayers are redicted in the Arabic language, and consist of verses from the Koran.

Depending on cultural traditions and the types. When carcasses are deboned, usually role of sausages in the diet.
Depending on the content of the soil, clay can appear in various colors, from a dull gray to a deep orange-red.
Depending on the rhythm of life, different Estonians also have different preferences in meal times and meals.

Depending on the man’s height, it may be more comfortable to place a cushion underneath the woman's bottom.
Depending on the purpose of his visit to the Russian Federation a foreign citizen is issued a Russian visa.
Depending on the other genes present) If she inherits red + red AND the dilution gene she will be cream.

Depending on the authority, in order that emits certain taxes, federal and local distinction.
Depending on how energetic a wind site is, the wind farm may or may not be cost competitive.
Depending on the person, and intend to inflict as much psychological injury as possible.

Depending on the nature of betting distinguish regressive, proportionate and progressive
Depending on variety and environmental factors, germination will occur in 7 to 12 days.
Depending on whether you just want to give your car a boost or compete in a race.

Depending on which transistor is saturated,the Q output is either low or high.
Depending on where the section falls on the path—the end, middle, or corner.
Depending on their choices about the polarized condition in the story.

Depending on the desired final quality of the Curing Injection hams.
Depending on situations or the people they come into contact with.
Depending on whether the host you are working with is clustered.

Depending on your screen resolution, it may already be expanded.
Depending on the size of the _ Ch&pter 4 SOCIAL PROOF

Depending on where the section falls on the path.

Depending on the frequency range.

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