The 4 oldest Churches in Tallinn (1)

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The Four oldest churches of Tallinn


Supervisor: Ingrid Teigar

Tallinn 2009
The Dome Church

The Danes began fortification of Toompea after the conquest of Tallinn in 1219 and probably also built the first church there . It was presumably a wooden building located at the site of the present cathedral . However , a serious conflict with the Order of the Brothers of the Sword broke out soon as the latter wanted to gain control of the entire Estonia.
The order succeeded in subordinating Tallinn and the whole of North Estonia to its rule in 1227. The monks of the Dominican Order began the construction of a stone church in Toompea in 1229. The first written data on the cathedral date back to 1233, the date of a battle between the order and the pro-papal vassals, who attempted for the last time to turn Tallinn into the centre of the ecclesiastical state, and were defeated. According to the records, the battle had spread to the interior of the church and the bodies of the fallen knights had piled at the altar . The resettling of the Dominican monks from Toompea to downtown was one of the results of the battle.
Having acquired North Estonia again in 1238, King Valdemar of Denmark appointed the Toompea church the cathedral of the Tallinn bishopric, which was formed in 1240, and subordinated to the archdiocese of Lund. The cathedral chapter was established at the cathedral consecrated to St. Mary the Virgin and a school was formed at the church in 1319 at the latest.
The reconstruction of the initally one-nave and relatively modest church into a three-nave one started at the beginning of the 14th century and lasted approximately a hundred years . This period includes another change of power, resulting in Tallinn's subordination to the order one more time. Although the main building of the church dates back to those times , the medieval cathedral was quite different from the present appearance. For example, the tower on the western side of the church was built only in the 18th century, the annexes of the southern side date back to the 16th -18th centuries and those on the northern side to the 15th century.

While the Lutheran reformation movement had prevailed in the churches of downtown Tallinn by 1524 , the Toompea cathedral held Catholic services until 1561, when the Kingdom of Sweden gained control over Tallinn. A library was established at the church in 1641. The copper roof was built thanks to the donation of Queen Christina in 1651.
While nearly the entire Toompea burnt down in a fire in 1433, the fire of 1684 was even more devastating. Only the walls of the church survived – the whole wooden interior and the library burned down and even the arches and carved stone details suffered some damage. King Charles XI held a nationwide collection of donations in Sweden, the nobility of Estonia added their share and this enabled to restore the church in only two years.

T ä h e p õ l d, Kadri . 2005. Giidi käsiraamat: Vanalinn . Tallinn: Ecce Revalia


Tallinn also had a Don Juan of its own once ; his name was Otto Johann Thuve. He was an outgoing man, loved to eat and drink , and his title of nobility unlocked the hearts of many a woman for him. Before passing away , he repented of his sinful life and asked his kin to bury him next to the main portal of the church. All church-goers would then step over his gravestone and his sins would be redeemed.

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I Choir
II Body
III Vestry
IV Chapel of the Freiherr von Güldenbandt
V St. George's chapel
VI The Fersen 's sepulchar chapel
VII Chancery of congregation room
IX southwest chapel

  • Nicolaes Millich Epitaph of Johan Hastfer 1676
  • Box of the Mannteufels 1750s
  • Box of Patkuls 2nd quarter of the 18th cent.
  • Hermann Berents and Hinrik Martens Golgotha group on the transverse beam of the triumphal arch 1694
  • Arent Passer Grave slab of Otto von Uexküll 17th century
  • Arent Passer Perts of Carl Horn's sarcophagus 1601
  • Arent Passer Grave monument of Pontus de la Gardie 1589 -95
  • Christian Ackermann Reredos 1694-96
  • Hans von Aken Epitaph of Olaf
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