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What we learn: 3
Case brief 4
HOMEWORK - Academic writing 4
Terms to explain : 5
Retelling 6
2 ways to classify the courts: 6
When to apply the European Court of Justice? 6
The decision to prosecute 6
Erinevad kuriteod: 6
TOPICS for the prelim 19
Use 10 terms and retell 19
Explain and retell the text! Not examples , but the terms 23
Zhu or Chan case: 23
Academic writing 23
Terms to explain 27
Common law 28
Continental law 28
Terms to explain: 29
Speech – How are laws made in Estonia? 29
Are the laws necessary for the society to exist ? 32
Terms to explain 33
Criminal procedure 33
Civil procedure 34
Terms to explain 35
Terms to explain 35
Court reform 36
Civil courts 38
Terms to explain: 39
Terms to explain: 39
Classification of courts in Estonia 40
Terms to explain 41
Speech 41
How to become an attorney at law? 41
Terms to explain: 42
Common law 44
Continental law 44
Criminal procedure 45
Civil procedure 45
How to become an attorney at law? 46
Palju aega läheb.
10 nädalat aint.
One of the ESP courses.
What we are going to do, what is needed:
  • What we do - 1 test, on words.
  • 2 Essays , that means that we have to look into academic writing Any dictionary will do, but the best is Black’s Law dictionary
  • Homereading – we read a case from European Court of Justice thingy.
  • Oral thing .
  • 90% you have to attend
  • Have to prepare for class and take part of it etc

What we learn:

Expressions / collocations (nt obey/abide by the law)
AWOL – absence without a leave
Legal English can be divided into 3 levels. We learn the first one, which is needed for the other two! You have to know the vocabulary etc. Second level has to do with legal contracts... The third level both 1 and 2 and explaining...
We learn the vocabulary + explaining.
Process of law- makingdraft law/ bill (seaduseelnõu) is developed  draft is sent to the parliament readings(amendments made to the law (seadusemuudatused) pass / adopt the lawpass on to the president proclame (väljakuulutama) or veto or sent to supreme court ( riigikohus )  (may declare it un-constitutional)it has to be published in the state gazette ( riigiteataja )
Vald – rural municipality
Kihelkond - parish
Come /enter into force - jõustuma
Legislative bodys – seadusandlikud organid
Search this case!!!!

Case brief

You have to know the name and nr of the case (ex Zhu or Chen)
When I answer home reading –start with the name and nr of the case. And then the parties . (preferably „ Full court“). Then the relevant problems and events . Let the details be. The next one is – what was the question that was asked from court. (Normally very concrete question). Then the decision of the court with my own words. (5 things all together!):
  • Name and nr of the case
  • The parties ( there is a trick – queen v Smith might mean state v Smith (in UK) a not criminal case; people v Smith – it is a criminal case; Brown v Smith means that it’s a civil case.)
  • Relevant problems and events (no details!)
  • What is the question asked from the court? (concrete)
  • The decision of the court (in my own words)
    (Read the Miranda rights / case, Microsoft case, they are landmarks .) ( ; )
    When we retell, we concentrate on the terms, not on the examples etc.
    NB! Märkmeid võib teha ja TÕLGI KINDLASTI ETTE ÄRA JUBA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOMEWORK - Academic writing

    Lõikude vahele 1 rida, taandrida ei jäeta!
    Argumendid millegi poolt, argumendid millegi vastu. Väldime I-vormi, vaid kasutame passive -vormi. Lõhikesi vorme ei kasutata! (don’t)
    150 sõna – Teema – “should mery- killing be punished ?”


    Terms to explain:

    Nation - a country , especially when thought of as a large group of people living in one area with their own government , language , traditions , etc:
    Stranger someone whom you do not know
    Citizen - a person who is a member of a particular country and who has rights and obligations because of being born there or because of being given them
    Penalty - a punishment for doing something that is against a law
    Government - the group of people who officially control a country
    System of courts - a set of connected positions which operate together to ensure … ?
    To commit a crime – to do sth that is forbidden by law
    Corruption - illegal , immoral or dishonest behaviour, especially by people in positions of power
    Fine ( trahv ) - an amount of money that has to be paid as a punishment for not obeying a rule or law
    Suspension - when a person is temporarily not allowed to work , go to school or take part in an activity , as a punishment
    Prosecution - to officially accuse someone of committing a crime in a court of law, or to try to prove that a person accused of committing a crime is guilty of that crime
    Injury – bodily harm , damage
    Public opinion – sth that most of the ppl in a society think of sth
    Simple majority - sth is voted for or against by not more than half of the votes altogether
    Absolute majority - when more than half of the ppl (voting) is for or against sth
    To be guilty of a crime – to have done sth illegal
    Abuse - to use or treat someone or something wrongly or badly, especially in a way that is to your own advantage
    Property - an object or objects that belong to someone; a building or area of land, or both together
    Dangerous driving to drive recklessly and without any fear or respect
    Loss - when you no longer have something or have less of something
    International law - the set of rules that most countries obey when dealing with other countries
    Operating law – the set of rules that one country and its people obey
    Legal system – an area ( of countries) that follow the same kind of rules????


    Explain and retell the text! Not examples, but the terms and expressions.
    Think about the terms, play with the terms, and put them into right contexts. 7 terms!
    Think about the structure! Introduction  body  conclusion = well structures . NO new information in the conclusion!

    2 ways to classify the courts:

    By their functions and by their levels.

    When to apply the European Court of Justice?

    When it has to do European Law and EU. And when there is a pending case (pooleliolev kohtuasi ), the courts here (ex in Estonia) can ask the European Court of Justice for advice .

    The decision to prosecute

    • Who? General rule – any private individual can bring a prosecution –
    • Actions instigated by the police
      • Greatest nr of prosecutions
      • Police officels – advocates (some cases ) (tõid tõendied ise väja)
      • Wasn’t ideal

    Erinevad kuriteod:

    Arson , public theft , robbery, computer crimes, reckless driving, DUI, espionage , kidnapping, homicide , terrorism, littering, loitering, rape , manhandling, abuse, murder, hijacking, blackmail, stabbing, hit and drive accidents, trespassing, poisoning,


    Explain without the word itself, describe it, if possible, give synonym and example.
    Vald – rural municipality
    Kihelkond - parish
    Come/enter into force - jõustuma
    Legislative bodys – seadusandlikud organid
    Law: break, infringe, breach ((nt seadust) rikkuma), violate((õigusi)rikkuma).
    Law: pass, adopt (SEADUST vastu võtma)
    Law: repeal (tühistama)
    Law making process ; draft law – seadust tegema
    Conclude a contract – lepinguga nõustuma
    Breach a contract – lepingut rikkuma
    Fulfill / perform a contract – lepingut järgima
    Abide by law – seaduse järgi käituma.
    The state governed by the rule of law - õigusriik
    To impose sth on / upon sb – midagi kellelegi määrama, peale määrama (taval neg )
    to impose taxes / speed limits / …
    custom – toll; tava
    celebrating a bday
    Nation – riik
    to enforce – täitmise tagamine
    law enforcement
    citizen – a citizen has accepted some duties, but also has rights - kodanik.
    apply for citizenship – kodakondsust taotlema
    apply to (the court) - kellegi poole pöörduma
    application law – rakendusseadus
    Constitution – põhiseadus
    inapplicable – rakendamatu
    application – taotlus
    to submit / hand in an application – avaldust sisse andma 2
    Citizenship Act – kodakondsusseadus
    Law on citizenship – kodakondsusseadus
    Alien (foreigner) – võõra-, välismaalane
    Alien’s office – välisministeerium
    Non-citizen – mittekodanik
    Penalty; punishment - karistus
    Fine – trahv
    Enforceable – täideviidav
    Law making process - Seadusloome prostesse
    System of courts; judicial system- kohtusüsteem 2
    3 – instance / 3- level court system – kolmetasandiline kohtusüsteem 2
    Administrative courts – halduskohtud (level 1)
    County court – maakohus (level 1)
    Trial court – esimese astme kohtud (arutavad kohtuasju)
    Circuit court – ringkonnakohus (2 level)
    Supreme court – riigikohus (3 level)
    Judgekohtunik 1 ja 2 levelil
    Justice – kohtunik 3 levelil
    Chief justice - riigikohtu esimees
    Commit a crimekuritegu tegema
    Police – ARE – alati mitmuses
    Corruption – korruptsioon
    ( Informal ) rule of conduct – eetikakoodeks
    Provide - ei ole seadusega sätestatud ?????
    Law provision – seadusega sätestamine
    Compensate; ( benefit ); indemnify (kindlustusega seot); reimbursement, award damages– hüvitama, kompenseerima
    Insurance indemnification
    Suspend – mingiks ajaks kõrvaldama
    Dismiss; fire – vallandama
    Prosecution – kohtulikule vastutusele võtmine
    Prosecutor’s office – prokuratuur
    Under this or that law – selle või teise seaduse järgi (nt süüdi mõistetud)
    According to; pursuant to this law – vastavalt sellele seadusele 2
    Injury; bodily harm (BH)- vigastus
    Claim – nõue
    To file a claim with sb – (kellegagi hagi esitama); nõuet esitama
    To bring an action – hagi alustama
    To find sb guilty – süüdi mõistma
    Not guilty (innocent) - süütu
    Verdict – otsus, mille teeb vandekohus
    Judgment – kohtuniku otsus
    Prison – vangla –(taval kauem)
    Jail – vangla (taval pool-aasta aega)
    Serve a sentence – karistust kandma
    Offence (crime); felony;– süütegu, kuritegu 3
    Misdemenour – väärtegu, tavaliselt väike (nt trahviga karistatav)
    Public law – avalik õigus
    Private law – eraõigus
    Civil law – eraõigus
    Implementation – kohaldamine, rakendamine
    To administer justice – õigust mõistma
    Public opinion – avalik arvamus
    Majority - enasmus
    Fair trial – õiglane kohtupidamine
    Define sb guilty of sth – süüdi millestki
    Mercy -killing - eutanaasia
    Abuse – kuritarvitamine
    Balance and Separation of powers – võimude tasakaal ja lahusus
    Judicial power – kohtu võim
    Legislative power – seadusandlik võim
    Executive power – täideviiv võim
    Property – vara
    Immoveable or real estate – kinnisvara
    Moveable property – vallasvara
    Pressure group – survegrupp
    Common sense – terve mõistus
    Reckless; Dangerous driving – hooletu sõitmine
    Loss – kaotus, kahju
    Solely – ainult
    Sole right, Exclusive right – ainuõigus
    Sole proprietor, self employed – FIE (füüsilisest isikust ettevõtja)
    Inherit – pärima
    To bequeath – pärandama
    International law – rahvusvahline õigus
    Operating law; the law in force – kehtiv õigus
    This law or act in valid – see seadus või akt on kehtiv
    Invalid – kehtetu
    Ius soli – you gain the citizenship of the country in which you are born.
    Pending case – “käibel” olev kohutasi.
    Citizenship – you live in this country and you have obligations to the country and you have rights from. – KODAKONDUS
    Nationality – ppl with the same nationality often share common origin, language, cultural background. – RAHVUS
    NB! In some countries “nationality” means “citizenship” (ex USA)
    To remove sb from office – töölt lahti laskma
    Term of office – aeg, milleks inimene tööle määratakse (nt president 4 aastat)
    To appoint sb to office – tööle määrama?
    Misuse – usually no malicious attempt.
    Abuse – more like when you do it with you malicious attempt – kuri tahe
    Property law / law of property – asjaõigus
    Common sense – rational, reasonable thinking.
    Separation – lahku kolimine nt
    Divorce – lahutus
    Hate crime – vihkamiskuriteod
    CIS – commonwealth of independent states – SRÜ rigid
    NIS – new independent states – uued iseseisvunud rigid
    Statutory rape – alaealise vägistamine (ei tulene kohtu poolt tehtavatest seadustest ) (ei kasutata pretsedenti)
    Case law system – kohtulahendi süsteem
    Apply a law – seadust vastu võtma
    Implementation law – rakendusseadus
    Make law
    Law-making law
    Interpretation - tõlk – tõlgib suuliselt
    Translation – tõlkija, tõlgib kirjalikult
    Simultaneous interpretation – sünkroontõlge ( klapid peas, aparatuuriga tõlge)
    Consecutive in – järeltõlge ( suuline tõlge ilma aparaadiga)
    Whispering intre – sosistades tõlkimine
    Under which law was he punished? /What law he was punished under? – milled seaduse järgi teda karistati?
    Legislators – seadusetegijad
    He filed the claim with the court – ta esitas kohtule nõude
    To amendmuutma , parandama
    Substantial law – materiaalõigus
    Head of state – riigipea ( really safe to use everywhere )
    Procedural law – menetlusseadus
    Unicameral – ühekambriline ( parlament )
    Legislative authority /power – legislatiivjõud
    Convene – kokku kutsuma
    Accede – ühinema, liituma
    Accession treaty – ühinemisleping
    Eligible ?– valitav mingile kohale
    Ineligible? – ei saa valida seda inimest
    Extraordinary elections – erakorralised valimised
    Regular elections - ?
    Chancellor of justice - õiguskantsler
    Larceny, theft – vargus
    Adopt a law – seadust vastu võtma
    Case law systems – kohtuasi; kohtulahend ????
    Court ruling – kohtuniku tehtud otsus
    Statute – statuut
    To administrate
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    awol, kihelkond, one is, passive, nation, stranger, citizen, penalty, government, corruption, suspension, prosecution, injury, property, dangerous driving, operating law, custom, nation, citizen, application, enforceable, judge, justice, police, corruption, provide, suspend, prosecution, claim, verdict, prison, jail, misdemenour, implementation, majority, property, solely, inherit, ius soli, pending case, citizenship, nationality, misuse, divorce, interpretation, translation, legislators, unicameral, accede, statute, binding, chancellor, enforce, beneficiary, trust, unified, egalitarian, judiciary, section, instrument, discharge, interpret, evidence, efficient, override, elaboration, develop, claim, arbitration, plaintiff, registrar, preliminary, adversarial, enquiry, adjudication, adjudicate, probate, witness, respondent, maintenance, affiliation, stipendaries, magistrate, litigant, case load, adjudicate, perpetrator, charge, defendant, battery, shoplifting, to conduct, recruitment, discretion, shortage, perpetrator, consent, indictable, verdict, acquit, manslaughter, arson, acquittal, discharge, burglary, indictment, tribunals, arbitration, extra, employees, claim, expertise, section, deposit, informality, malfeasance, legalese, testator, miscellaneous, community law, the parties, stranger, citizen, penalty, government, corruption, injury, absolute majority, international law, operating law, passive, political structure, social value, industrialization, occupation, precedent, beneficiary, legislation, obligation, evidence, judiciary, depends, parties disagree, romano, criminal code, socialism, violence, speech, binding agreement, reputation, family law, procedure, plaintiff, suspect, victim, original court, arbitration, expert, conciliation, witness, inquisitorial procedure, adjudication, divorce, a jury, matrimonial matters, guardianship, adoption, leave, consent, remedy, discretion, caution, trade association, claimant, deposit, professional title, law firm, liable, legal loophole, ambiguity, omission, testator

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