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Oliver twist - kokkuvõte (8)

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Chapter1: An unknown woman was found lying in the street and brought into the workhouse. She delivered a sickly child who had trouble breathing. The woman, without a word of who she was, died and left her new born boy, Oliver, to the drunken nurse that stood by.
Chapter2: The State gave Oliver to Mrs. Mann who housed a number of orphaned children . Mrs. Mann took a large portion of the money given to her by the authorities for each child’s food so Oliver grew up small and malnourished. On his ninth birthday, the town beadle, Mr. Bumble, came to collect Oliver and take him to the board for an interview . They told him he was to live with other wards of the state to become educated and learn a trade. Oliver did not mind this, but soon after he arrived , the state decided to implement a plan that would save money by feeding the people very little . After a time on this diet , the boys at the table chose Oliver to go ask the head cook for more gruel. Oliver did this, and was taken away . A flyer was then posted that said the state would give five pounds for someone to take young Oliver off their hands .
Chapter3: The board locked up Oliver in what he called the ‘ dark room ’ all day until someone would take him as an apprentice. After several days of solitary confinement, several beatings, and being made an example of at mealtime, Oliver thought he would do just about anything to leave the workhouse. However , when a chimneysweep, Mr. Gamfield, came to get the money offered and Oliver the boy quickly changed his mind. The board assessing Mr. Gamfield said that the State would only pay three pounds and ten shillings instead of the five originally offered and Mr. Gamfield accepted. Mr. Bumble cleaned Oliver up, and brought him before the magistrates. As the magistrates were signing the contracts of Oliver’s indenture, they realized that Oliver was petrified of going with the evil looking Mr. Gamfield. Because of this, they ordered Oliver back to the workhouse from which he came with orders to Mr. Bumble to treat him well.
Chapter 4: The board decides that the best thing to do with Oliver is send him out to sea as a cabin boy. They figure that the sailors will take the best care of him, by which they mean treat him the worst and probably kill him. As Mr. Bumble is looking into this new arrangement, he runs into Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker. Mr. Bumble tells him of young Oliver stating that anyone who takes him off the states hands will receive five pounds. Mr. Bumble asks if he knows of anyone who needs a boy, and Mr. Sowerberry offers to take him. The board agrees upon the plan, and Mr. Bumble takes Oliver, weeping from loneliness, to the Sowerberry house. He meets both Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry, the serving girl Charlotte . Mr. Sowerberry gives him a little meat, which he devours and takes him to his bed that is located under the coffin counter .
Chapter 5: A pounding on the door the following morning woke Oliver from his sleep in the coffin room. The person outside was yelling and kicking the door to be let in. Oliver opened the door and was introduced to Noah Claypole who also worked for Mr. Sowerberry and who was a higher rank than Oliver was. He pointed this out to Oliver very quickly and was very mean to him. Noah and Oliver went down to get breakfast with Charlotte. Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry during their own breakfast decide that because Oliver was such a nice looking, though melancholy, boy, he should be a made a mute . Later in the morning, Mr. Bumble comes with news of a woman who has died and needs a coffin. Mr. Sowerberry takes Oliver to the home of the dead woman, and Oliver sees what the profession that Mr. Sowerberry and the state chose for him was. He attends his first funeral and burial and decides that he does not like it, but Mr. Sowerberry tells him that he will get used to it in time.
Chapter 6: Noah took a joy in making Oliver cry, and one day in attempt to do so, asked Oliver about his mother . Since his mother was a very sensitive subject to him, Oliver became upset . Noah continued to taunt him and insult his mother until Oliver snapped and attacked Noah. Noah surprised screamed and called out to Charlotte and Mrs. Sowerberry. They pulled Oliver off Noah, and sent Noah to find Mr. Bumble at the workhouse because Mr. Sowerberry was not around .
Chapter 7: Noah found Mr. Bumble and told him that Oliver had tried to murder him, Charlotte, and Mrs. Sowerberry. Mr. Bumble and the man in white waistcoat were horrified, and Noah exclaimed that Oliver had intended to murder Mr. Sowerberry also. Mr. Bumble went with Noah to thrash Oliver and when they arrived, Mrs. Sowerberry had locked Oliver in the cellar . Mr. Bumble spoke sharply to Oliver and told Mrs. Sowerberry that she had been feeding the boy to liberally and that he should be kept on gruel for the rest of his apprenticeship. Mr. Bumble then stated that Oliver had come from a bad family, which angered Oliver again . Mr. Sowerberry arrives home asks Oliver what happened . Oliver tells him that Noah said bad things about his mother, and Mrs. Sowerberry began insulting her again. She then burst into tears because Oliver was talking back to her, and this forced Mr. Sowerberry to punish Oliver severely. They then sent him to bed, and early the next morning he rose and left the house. On his way towards London he stopped by the house of Mrs. Mann and saw his friend Dick , who appeared to be dying, out in the garden . The boys embrace, talk , and say their farewells to each other, and Oliver heads towards the city intent on running away from the Sowerberrys.
Chapter 8: Òliver began his walk to London. He had very little food and had to beg for it on his way. He walked for seven days and had very little luck getting food or shelter from people in the towns he went through . He sat with bleeding feet on a doorstep one morning when a curious looking young gentleman around his age began talking to him. His name was Jack Dawkins He befriended Oliver and asked if he was going to London. Oliver told him he was and explained that he did not know where he would be staying. Mr. Dawkins told Oliver he could come with him and with his patronage stay with a gentleman he knew. So Oliver went with Jack and saw the filth of London for the first time in the middle of the night . Jack took Oliver into the house of the gentleman and he met the old Jew, Fagin . Fagin fed him and introduced him to the other boys sitting him in the room who, like Mr. Dawkins, were dressed like little adults. They were drinking spirits and smoking pipes and Oliver joined them . Fagin gave him a bed to sleep in and he went to sleep.
Chapter 9: Oliver awoke the next morning to see Fagin examining several watches and rings in a wooden box. When he discovered Oliver was awake he questioned him on what he had seen , and admired him for his bravery. Jack, or Dodger, then came in with another boy from the previous evening , Charles Bates , and they showed the old Jew the things they collected from the execution they attended that morning. They then began playing a game where they would practice picking Fagin’s pockets. Two girls with painted faces, Nancy and Bet came to visit the young men, and after drinking spirits, they went out with the young man. The Jew pointed out to Oliver what a nice life the young men led, and Oliver asked if they were done working for the day. Fagin said they were and told Oliver to try to lift the handkerchief from his pocket. Oliver succeeded, and began to learn how to ‘unmark’ them
Chapter 10: Oliver spent more time with the Jew, and the other boys each day learning more and more of how to unmark handkerchiefs, and playing the game of picking Fagin’s pockets. After a while , Oliver wanted to go out with the boys and do the work they do, and finally Fagin allowed it. On their first day out, Oliver began to get annoyed because the boys weren’t doing anything constructive. Then they spotted a gentleman leaning over a bookstall and Oliver watched as they went up to him. They took a handkerchief out of his pocket and Oliver was horrified that they were stealing from him. The man realized that it was missing and turned to see Oliver running away. The other boys screamed ‘stop thief ’ as the gentleman did and watched as he chased Oliver through the streets. Eventually a man knocked Oliver down and the gentleman whose pocket had been picked accosted him. Oliver swore to his innocence but was not believe and a police officer came and dragged Oliver away.
Chapter 11: The policeman searched Oliver, locked him up, and then dragged him before the local
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