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The age of pioneers: the early history of film
How the horses helped to ivent the cinema .
Cinema was invented by accident . 1872, west coast: leland standford, party , rich people, end of the 19 century , bored. Stanfrod talks friends about horses: problem: question is, what happens with the hooves while its moving , running. Bet, with eyes, can’t settle this. Cannot ever see if the hooves touch the ground . Stanford has enough money , hires most famous photographer. Eadwerd muybridge, comes to usa. Tells him to settle this with photography. That time with photography you cannot get any informatio either. Started to install boxes, in each box, there was a camera . Does the hooves touch the ground or not? Fast shutter, can freeze the moment. Makes fast shutters, to record this. Finds solution, hooves are touching.
The prerequisites for cinema: camera( edison and dickson), film stock that is flexible and stable to run through camera( kodak , celluloid film), projector, can show the image on a screen( 1895 -max skladanowsky, lumiere brothers )
The lumiere brothers and cinematographe
Father was a wealthy factory owner . Thomas edison-worked with moving images. They thaught they can do that also: called it cinematograph-the recording of movement. Started to film on the streets, how they are coming from factorys and called this actuality. They thaught that they are filming the world the way it is. Why do u need to show people things they see every day?
The first „cinema“: cafe . Le grand cafe, paris . 28th of december 1895. Watched the lumiere brothers film. „Arrival of the train at le ciotat“ the first horror film ever made? People were scared that the train will hit them . That category didnt exist in their brains. Whats wrong ? The fact that noone minds the camera. Noone bothers to look into the camera, why didnt nobody looked in the camera. The machine maded noise, but people didnt mind that. The film was staged. It wasn’t documentary , like they said. The idea of fake, manipulation. People were manipuating. Cinema is a manipulation. Even documentary is manipulation.
First comedy : auguste ad louis lumiere „l’arouseur arrose“ the waterer who is being watered
Purpose was pure entertainment. Gradually those projectors were becomeing populars. Were many fun fairs. Werent no distripution.
Pathe- inventor of film industry. Whole principle was affected by hollywood . Rent out cameras and projectors, you make money from rents. The infrastructure with making money.
Studium. Black maria-first film studio . It was turnable to catch light .
George melies(1861-1938)
Brought the film from the street to studio. Magic . He was hacing a background in the theater and was a musician and thought that it is a good idea do produce fictional movies . He was disliked by lumiere brothers, they thought that cinema should be documentary. He was the man who did it all. You can tell cinema storys if u use tricks, costumes , you create illusiona nd tricks in technological way. „ special effects “. He was interested how to make things to look like magic. Some tricks came by accident. Melies was filming in the street. He saw a horsecar passing by. Camera stopped and started later , there was a horsecar with a coffin. Appearing and dissapearing things. It was the beginning of special effects. Tricks nowadays are more and more sophisticated. Cinema ca produce things that are magic. He became incredibly popular , most popular film director . He had all those ideas and made all the films , became the victim of that. More and more people who produced films, where was more money involved. He sold his studio to a big industry. He stopped filmmaking . Lived last 20 lives in total misery , cinema had moved on and melies was more than a sidenote. People at the end of his life organised a retrospective.
Wanted to shoot actuality but was interested in illusion. It is fundament that hollywood is built on. Hollywood is selling illusions. Cinema can become the theater, magicshow.
Melies the first „auteur“. Film is not like in hollywood, but the maker is an author . The keygenius to make it all happen -„auteur“. Demonstrated that feature film production can be the work of a single creative mind(not industry)
Melies: wrote the scripts, controlled every aspect, in front of and behing the camera, hired the actors , took care of shooting, develping and editing of the film.
The father of indipendent film .
Cinem ais an art form that is
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Tallinna Ülikooli filmikunsti ajaloo loengu konspekt. Käsitleb filmikunsti ajalugu selle algusest kuni 20 sajandi teise poole alguseni. Mõjukamad režissöörid ja tähtsamad revolutsioonid filminduses, filmitegemise võtted ja selle areng.
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  • The first „cinema“
  • First comedy
  • American cinema becomes „Hollywood“
  • Expressionism
  • Soviet Montage Cinema
  • Sergej Eisenstein
  • The kuleshov workshop
  • Eisenstein
  • Luis Bunuel
  • Jean Renoir
  • Orson Welles


  • Filmikunsti ajalugu
  • How the horses helped to ivent the cinema
  • Cinema was invented by accident
  • The lumiere brothers and cinematographe
  • Thomas edison
  • cinematograph
  • The first „cinema“
  • First comedy
  • George melies
  • D.W.Griffith(1875-1948)
  • The birth of hollywood
  • Eisenstein
  • Luis Bunuel

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