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Charles Dickens

Charles John Huffam Dickens was the foremost English novelist of the Victorian era, as well as a vigorous social campaigner. Considered one of the English language 's greatest writers , he was acclaimed for his rich storytelling and memorable characters, and achieved massive worldwide popularity in his lifetime .
Charles Dickens was born in Landport, Portsmouth in Hampshire, the second of eight children to John Dickens n 7 February 1812 .
The 12- year -old Dickens began working ten hour days in a Warren 's boot-blacking factory. In May 1827, Dickens began work in the office of Ellis and Blackmore as a law clerk . At the age of seventeen, he became a court stenographer and, in 1830, met his first love, Maria Beadnell. Maria's parents disapproved of the courtship and effectively ended the relationship when they sent her to school in Paris .
In 1834, Dickens became a political journalist, reporting on parliamentary debate and traveling across Britain by stagecoach to cover election campaigns for the Morning Chronice.
His journalism, in the form of sketches which appeared in periodicals from 1833, formed his first collection of pieces Sketches by Boz which were published in 1836 and led to the serialization of his first novel , The Pickwick Papers, in March 1836. On 2 April 1836, he married Catherine Thompson Hogarth (1816 – 1879), the daughter of George Hogarth, editor of the Evening Chronice. After a brief honeymoon in Chalk, Kent , they set up home in Bloomsbury, where they had ten children.
On 9 June 1865, while returning from France with Ternan, Dickens was involved in the Staplehurst rail crash in which the first seven carriages of the train plunged off a cast iron bridge that was being repaired.Because of that he died.( 9 June1870)
Oliver Twist ( 1837 -39), Nicholas Nickleby (1838-39), The Old Curiosity Shop and, Barnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of 'Eighty as part of the Master Humphrey's Clock series (1840-41), A Christmas Carol written in 1843.
Hard Times - For These Times. is a novel by Charles Dickens, first published in 1854. The book is a state-of-the- nation novel, which aimed to highlight the social and economic pressures that some people were experiencing. Unlike other such writings at the time, the novel is unusual in that it is not set in London.
A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost Story of Christmas ( commonly known as A Christmas Carol) is a novella by Charles Dickens first published on December 19, 1843 with illustrations by John Leech . The story was an instant success, selling over six thousand copies in one week, and the tale has become one of the most popular and enduring Christmas stories of all time.

William Makepeace Thackeray

William Makepeace Thackeray was an English novelist of the 19th century. He was famous for his satirical works , particularly Vanity Fair , a panoramic portrait of English society.
Thackeray, an only child, was born in Calcutta, India, where his father , Richmond Thackeray (1 September 1781 – 13 September 1815), held the high rank of secretary to the board of revenue in the British East India Company.
William had been sent to England earlier, at the age of five , with a short stopover at St. Helena where the imprisoned Napoleon was pointed out to him. He was educated at schools in Southampton and Chiswick and then at Charterhouse School, where he was a close friend of John Leech. He disliked Charterhouse, parodying it in his later fiction as "Slaughterhouse." Illness in his last year there ( during which he reportedly grew to his full height of 6'3") postponed his matriculation at Trinity College, Cambridge , until February 1829. Never too keen on academic studies , he left the University in 1830. Thackeray's years of semi-idleness ended after he met and, on 20 August 1836, married Isabella Gethin Shawe (1816-1893),
He primarily worked for Fraser's Magazine ,
In the early 1840s, Thackeray had some success with two travel books, The Paris Sketch Book and The Irish Sketch Book. He remained "at the top of the tree", as he put it, for the remaining decade and a half of his life, producing several large novels, notably Pendennes, The Newcomes, and The History of Henry Esmond.
In 1860, Thackeray became editor of the newly established Cornhill Magazine,
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Charles John Huffam Dickens
William Makepeace Thackeray
Charlotte Brontë
Thomas Hardy
Oscar Wilde
Edward Morgan Forster
Thomas Stearns Eliot
James Augustine Aloysius Joyce
Joseph Rudyard Kipling
Virginia Woolf



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