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Topic - Canada 2

The British conquest of Quebec in 1759 brought a large francophone population under British rule, creating a need for compromise and accommodation, while the migration of United Empire Loyalists from the Thirteen Colonies brought in strong British and American influences. In parts of Canada, especially the major cities of Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, multiculturalism itself is the cultural norm and diversity is the force that unites the community. In Quebec, cultural identity is strong, and many Quebecois commentators speak of a Quebec culture as distinguished from English Canadian culture. Canadian popular media...

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Canada - history and provinces.

They allowed the French to keep their Roman Catholic religion, civil law system and language, so that they would not try to break away from Britain. From 1775 to 1784, many British came to the former New France area from south. The people in American colonies were fighting for independence and those people who fled north were the one who wanted to remain loyal to Britain (United Empire Loyalists ). Britain created two new colonies: New Brunswick and Upper Canada. New Brunswick was created in 1784. Upper Canada became part of Quebec in 1791. Upper Canada was the English-speaking colony and Lower Canada was the French-speaking colony. They were reunited in 1841, called Canada West and Canada East and the capital of them was Montreal. They become provinces of Ontario and Quebec in 1867. Uniting all the Canadian provinces soon became a...

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Stonehenge One of the best known ancient wonders of the world, 5000 years old Megalith monument, built by western mediterraneans during 3000-1600 BC Circular structure, large standing stones, aligned with rising sun at teh solstice Attlers and bones were sued to dig pits that hold the stones The Celts in Britain and their legacy 700-200 BC celts invade Britain...

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Nowadays, English is so widely spoken that it can hardly be considered "a one nation's" language. The main countries where English is spoken are: the U.K, the U.S, Canada, Australia, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, West Indies 2. There are approx. 300-400 million speakers of English in the w...

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They felt justified in using subversion as well as the more orthodox methods of propaganda and political agitation in advancing Marxism in countries that had not yet reached Russia's stage of historical development. It was during the Spanish Civil War, in which Russia actively aided the Loyalists , that a cryptographic element that had served the revolutionary predecessors of Lenin & Co. reappeared in a form both streamlined and more secure. This was the straddling checkerboard. Its straddling feature makes use of cipher equivalents of two different lengths—lengths usually of one digit and two digits; the two sets of equivalents are so constructed that the cryptographer can unambiguously separate them when they are run together. The cry...

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Kanada ühiskond ja kultuur/Society and Culture of Canada

The French and Indian War began in 1754 and ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The war provided Great Britain enormous territorial gains in North America. With the Peace Treaty of 1763, France gave up all claims to mainland North America, and former French colonies were transferred to Britain aka New France became a British colony. 11. Who were the Loyalists ? What is the difference between United Empire Loyalists and Late Loyalists? Loyalists were people who maintained loyalty to the British Crown. After the American Revolutionary War they had to settle in Quebec and modern-day Ontario, because of offer of free land and also because they were repressed. The leading loyalists' properties were often confiscated and driven out of towns, so some of them sought refuge in Canada. Uni...

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Society and culture of english-speaking countries

Québec City 8. Compare the roles of the Governor General and the Prime Minister in Canada. The Governor General is the representative of the monarc and carries out most of the monarch's constitutional and ceremonial duties. The Governor General is appointed by the queen on advice from the Canadian Prime Minister The Prime Minister is the head of government 10. Who were the Loyalists , why and when did they move to Canada? Loyalists were American colonists, of different ethnic backgrounds, who supported the British cause during the American Revolution (1775–83). Tens of thousands migrated to British North America during and after the revolutionary war — boosting the population and heavily influencing the politics and culture of what would become Canada.The vast majority of Loyalists were neither well-to-do nor pa...

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