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English Phonetics and Phonology. Mid-term2

It is possible to treat each of the pair t, d as a single consonant phoneme - the one-phoneme analysis, and it is also possible to say that they are composed of two phonemes each - either t plus or d plus - all of which are already established as independent phonemes of English - the two- phoneme analysis. There are also problems in how to analyse - as a phoneme or allophone , and many others. The second area of difficulty can be called the problem of assignment. There may be found many cases where it is difficult to assign a particular speech sound to a particular phoneme. We use the term neutralisation for cases where contrasts between phonemes which exist in other places in the language disappear in particular contexts. A clearer case of neutralisation can be found in the case of plosives following s in syllable-initial...

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Inglise keele struktuur

Be ready to explain the terms (lecture 1): language, linguistics, synchronic approach to language, diachronic approach to language, linguistic competence, linguistic performance, what is grammar?, prescriptive grammar vs. descriptive grammar; phonology, phonetics, phone, allophone , phoneme; morphology, morphemes (types of morphemes), morphs, allomorphs, types of affixes, derivational affixes, inflectional affixes; open vs closed class words; syntax. Language: a systematic, conventional use of sounds, signs or written symbols in a human society for communication and self-expression. - human language at all levels is rule- or principle-governed. Linguistics: the scientific study of human natural language Synchronic a...

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Kanada ühiskond ja kultuur/Society and Culture of Canada

CANADA REVISION QUESTIONS 2010 1. The main physiographic regions of Canada. Canada may be divided into seven physiographic regions: Arctic Lowlands, Cordilleran Region, Interior Plains, Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canadian Shield (Forest Lands), St Lawrence Lowlands and Appalachian Regio...

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English structure revision for the exam

Phones can be represented with IPA symbols (International Phonectic Alphabeth).  Phonology- The subfield of linguistics that studies the structure and systematic patterning of sounds in human language.  Allophone is a sound form of a phone. For example: An Estonian word palk has two possible pronunciation ways. L can be palatalised or not.  Phoneme is a smallest unit in language which distinguishes meaning. With other...

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