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Cambridge Journals andmebaas

Cambridge journals on ülemaailme multidistsiplinaarne e-ajakirjade andmebaas, sisaldades üle 280 teadusajakirja. Andmebaasi teemadevaldkond on väga lai, hõlmates praktiliselt kõike alates meditsiinist lingvistikani. Cambridge journals on ülemaailmselt tunnustatud oma kvaliteedi, käsitlusalade ja terviklikkuse poolest. Otsingukeskkonna keel on inglise keel, kuid otsingumootor otsib ka teiste keelte sõnu, kui need esinevad mõnes artiklis. Otsingukriteeriume saab salvestada ja hiljem neid uuesti kasutada. Otsingukeskkonna seaded viivad mitte nii asjakohased artiklid nimekirja lõppu ja enim sobivad otsingutulemused algusesse, mitte pole segamini. Tulemuslehe tulemusi saab esitada kas 50, 75 või 100 kaupa. Samuti saab tulemusi järjestada täpsuse, autori, pealkirja, lehekülje arvude, andmebaasis ilmumise...

Infootsing: allikad ja... - Tallinna Ülikool
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Referencing style, kuidas kirjandites autoritele viidata

You should always follow these recommendations in your written work. The BPS journals use the author-date method of citation, that is the surname of the author and the year of publication are inserted in the text at the appropriate point, for example: Rabbitt (1970) compared reaction times... Or In a recent study of reaction times, Rabbitt (1970) found... Or In 1970, Rabbitt compared.. These methods enable the reader to locate easily the citation in the reference list given at the end of the report. If a work has two authors, cite both names in the text every time, e.g. Smith & Jones (1974). If a work has three or more authors, give names in full when the reference is first cited and then use et al. on all subsequent occasions, e.g. Hunt et al. (1970) found.. If the abbreviation et al. leads to a confusion between two groups of authors e.g. Hunt, Hartley & Davies (1973) and Hunt, Davies and Baker (1973), then cite all the authors...

Psühholoogia - Akadeemia Nord
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Attraction of blogs

It is very common that people write those thoughts down, usually into their secret diaries. Nowadays individuals write public blogs, which using has grown quite popular. In my opinion, blogs have become more fashionable than keeping private diaries, because they are public. Everyone has access and a chance to read your own personal views. We live in a modern world, where information is crucial and selling, therefore keeping a blog on the Internet is a big attraction for readers. Furthermore, there are all kinds of journals on the web, for example food sites, where people can find many recipes for different meals. Also, fashion blogs, which can give inspiration if wondering what to wear for some kind of an occasion. Not only are the blogs entertaining, they can also be very helpful and useful. The writers of the blogs get attraction from the amount of readers and clicks, which their page gets. Some blog-writers sign contracts with various advertising agencies, so they get money for each click that their site gets. This drives the blog-keepers to write. Another great benefit that keeping a blog brings the writer - fame. The more widespread your blog becomes, the more people will recognize your name. One blog, which I really enjoy reading is my colleague's photo blog. She is an amazing photograph, who knows how to capture really candid moments and emotions. Her blog is not well known, but I believe that it will not take a very long time before it starts get...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare

Glue (1988) The Cat...

Inglise kirjandus - Keskkool
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Stilistika loeng

420 2 AP Ends with an exam; lasts only for 1 semester. At the exam you get 2 questions and an exercise (50 sentences: establish the device used, recognize it, and name it). Care about the pronunciation of the terms. Books: - I. Galperin "Stylistics" - I. Ladusseva "Rhythm and Text" - I. Ladusseva "Vocabulary and Style" - I. Ladusseva "Stylistic practice: Book I, Book II" - I. Ladusseva "A Guide to Punctuation" EXAMINATION TOPICS: 1. Style, stylistics, a survey of stylistic studies...

Stilistika (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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Exami kysimused-vastused

STYLE The term "style" is polysemantic (has many meanings): a Latin word "stilus" originally meant a writing instrument used by ancient people. Already in classical Latin the meaning was extended to denote the manner of expressing one's ideas in written or oral form. Jonathan Swift defined style as "proper words in proper places". In present day English the word "style" is used in about a dozen of principle meanings: 1. the characteristic manner in which a writer expresses his/her ideas (e.g. style of Byron) 2. the manner of expressing ideas, characteristic of a literary movement or period 3. the use of language typical of a literary genre (e.g. the style of a comedy, drama, novel). 4. the selective use of language that depends on spheres / areas of human activity (e.g. style of fiction, scientific prose, newspapers, business correspondence, etc.). STYLISTICS Stylistics ­ is the study of s...

Stilistika (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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Tööde vormistamise juhend

- - TALLINNA ÜLIKOOL KASVATUSTEADUSTE INSTITUUT MATERJALE ÜLIÕPILASTE KASVATUSTEADUSLIKE TÖÖDE KOOSTAMISEKS, VORMISTAMISEKS JA KAITSMISEKS TPÜ KIRJASTUS TALLINN 2004 SISUKORD SAATEKS......................................................................................................................4 I. TÖÖ KAVANDAMINE.............................................................................................5 1. Eesmärgid...............................................................................................................5 2. Kasvatusteaduslike tööde iseloomustus................................................................. 6 3. Kasvatusteaduslike tööde liigid..............................................................................8 3.1. Kasvatusteadusliku...

Tööde vormistamine - Tallinna Ülikool
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Erlised materjalid ja nende omadused

Nad kaitsevad inimest ja võimaldavad tal ulatuda sinna, kuhu ta muidu ei küüniks. On hästi põhjendatav väide, et materjalid on tehnoloogia kõige edasiviivam lüli ­ miks muidu nimetused kiviaeg, pronksiaeg, rauaaeg... · Klassikaliste metallide, keraamika, puidu ja tekstiili kõrvale on tulnud ja tulemas uued materjalid: vedelkristallid, tavatu funktsionaalsusega nn. nutikad materjalid, nanostruktuursed materjalid, ülijuhid, keerukatest struktuurielementidest koosnevad ,,metamaterjalid" jpt. Targad materjalid · 21.sajandi kõige olulisemaks arenguks uudsete materjalide valdkonnas on nn. tarkade või ka mõtlevate materjalide (smart materials, intelligent materials, advanced materials) arendamine. · Targad materjalid reageerivad väliskeskkonna (pinge, temperatuur, niiskus, ph, elektri või magnetväljad) m...

Füüsika - Keskkool
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Lady with ermine

r left corner has been broken and repaired, a transparent veil on the model's head was turned into an extravagant hairdo and several fingers were grossly retouched - it is nonetheless in better condition than many of Leonardo's other paintings. The sitter's hair is confined tightly to her head under a very fine net veil with a woven border of gold-wound threads. As in many of Leonardo's portraits, the composition comprises a pyramidic spiral and the sitter is caught in the motion of turning to her left, reflecting Leonardo's life-long preoccupation with the dynamics of movement. This work in particular shows da Vinci's expertise in painting the human form. The outs...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Ford escorti käsiraamat

knocking has developed from within the a) There is no coolant transfer pipe along the crankcase or the oil pressure warning lamp front of the engine. has stayed on denoting a low oil pressure b) Disconnect and remove the HT leads with probably caused by excessive wear in the reference to Chapter 5, Part B. bearings. c) There is no distributor to remove. The 4 Even without these symptoms, the journals procedure for removal of the DIS coil is and crankpins on a high mileage engine given in Chapter 5, Part B. should be checked for out-of-round (ovality) d) big-end cap bolts are Torx type bolts. and taper. For this a micrometer will be e) Remove the engine speed sensor as needed to check the diameter of the journals described in Chapter 5, Part B before and crankpins at several different points removing the flywheel to prevent damage around them. A motor factor or engineer can to the sensor. do this for you. If the average of the readings f) There are three main bearings on 1.1 shows that either out-of-round or taper is 13.8 Crankshaft big-end journal size engines and five on 1.3 engines. From the outside permitted tolerance (see identification mark on cr...

Auto õpetus - Kutsekool
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Newspapers in Britain

Britain's press is unusual in that it is divided into two very different types of newspaper: the quality press and the popular press. The term quality press is used to describe papers, which follow the tradition of the journals of the 18th and early 19th centuries. The 'quality' papers are printed on large papers, have an undramatic layout and are serious in tone. They have editorials which comment on important issues and reflect the political views of the editor. They are more expensive than tabloids. Examples of the quality dailies are The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and the Financial Times. People choose a paper that reflects their own political opinion. The popular press is mainly represented by papers founded after the launching day of the Daily Mail in 1896. Today such papers are largely tabloid. 'Tabloid' is a term, used for substances which were compressed into pills. The tabloids 'compress' the news and are printed on small sheets of paper. They contain sensational stories, using techniques such as very large headlines and photographs. Tabloids do not contain much serious news, but offer plenty of sport and 'human...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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SAJANDI ORGANISATSIOONIS Esse Igor Podoljan MBA-1 Õppejõud Anto Liivat Tallinn 2008 Ma valisin mainitud teemat, kuna ise olen keskastmejuhi rollis, ja leian seda rolli üsna mitmekülgset rasket ja samal ajal üks huvitamaist 21. sajandi ettevõtes. Miks ma niimodi arvan, katsun lahti seletada ja kirjeldada antud töös. Sõna keskastmejuht koosneb ( põhimõtteliselt ) 2 osast. Keskastme+Juht. Tal on üks jalg "taevas" teiene "maas".Ta on lüli rivi ja staabi inimeste vahel. Ja isegi muutuste perioodil ta muutub peamiseks kõneisiksuks tippjuhtkonnalt saadud info tõlkijaks ning tolgendajaks. Tema arusaam organisatsioonis toimuvast ning tippjuhtko...

Finantsraamatupidamine - Estonian Business School
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Lad A Dog

Lad a dog by Albert Payson Terhune Albert Payson Terhune (December 21, 1872 ­ February 18, 1942) was born in New Jersey. He was an American author, dog breeder, and journalist. He is best known for his novels relating the adventures of his beloved collies and as a breeder of collies at his Sunnybank Kennels, the lines of which still exist in today's Rough Collies. This was a book about dogs-collies. It talked about a dog and his best mate on adventure journals . There were a Lad and a Lady. Page 11 Chapter 1 ­ His mate Leedi oli suur osa Lad´i igapäevasest õnnest nagu päikesepaiste. Ta paistis olevat küllaltki suurepärane ja täiesti asendamatu. Ta ei suutnud kujutada oma edasist elu ilma koerata naga elu ilma päikeseta. Ta ei kahtlustanud kunagi et koer oleks oleks võinud olla v...

Inglise keel - Põhikool
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Defoe is notable for being one of the earliest practitioners of the some as one of the founders of the English novel. A prolific and versatile writer, he Second level wrote more than five hundred books, pamphlets, and journals on various topics (including politics, crime, religion, marriage, psychology and the supernatural). He He was also a pioneer of economic journalism. Third level Fourth level Fifth level David Bowie David Bowie born David Robert Jones on 8 January 1947) is an English musician , actor, record producer and arranger. Active in five decades of rock music and frequently reinventing his music and image, Bowie is Click to edit Master text styles widely regarded as an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s. He has been cited as an influence by many musicians.Bowie is also known for his...

Inglise keel - Põhikool
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Sidusinfotöötluse eksami kordamisküsimused vastustega

Miks on oluline aasta 1972? 1972 alustas Lockheed i Dialog kommertsteenuse pakkumist sidusandmebaasidest. Uus tÖÖstusharu oli sÜndinud sidusinfotÖÖstus (online information industry). Siia kuulub kõik, mis puudutab infotootmist e keskkonnas: andmebaasid nii vahendus kui täistekstinfot pakkuvad, ajakirjad, raamatud, teatmeinfo jpm. Samuti kuulub siia otsivõimaluste ja keskkondade arendamine elektroonilises keskkonnas sidusotsingu areng. 2. Nimetage sidusotsingutööstuse sektorid (4 üldist ja omakorda sisupakkujate jagunemine) ning iseloomustage neid põgusalt. sisu pakkujad: kirjastused (elektroonilised ajakirjad, raamatud) Saab leida: *teemavaldkondade ja tähestiku järgi; *ajakirjanumbrite sisukordi sirvides; *erinevate otsitunnuste alusel otsides. Andmebaasitoot...

Infoharidus - Tartu Ülikool
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sajandi kunstivool, mis hakkas kujunema Pariisis 1907. aastal Pablo Picasso ja Georges Braque'i töödes. Kubistide eelkäijaks oli Paul Cézanne. Mõiste "kubism" võttis kasutusele prantsuse kriitik Louis Vauxcelles ja see vihjab kuubist lähtuvale kujutamisele. Kriitik kirjeldas Braque'i töid 1908. aastal väljendiga bizarreries cubiques (kuubilised veidrused). Kubistide eesmärk oli vabastada teos jutustavast sisust ja kujutada asju (muusikainstrumendid, natüürmordid, maastikud jne) geomeetrilistena (kuup, silinder jne), tükeldatud pindadena või stereomeetrilistena (kujutada esemeid ühekorraga mitmest vaatevinklist). Algset kubismi, perioodi, mis algas 1909. aastal, nimetatakse analüütiliseks kubismiks. Seda perioodi iseloomustab motiivide (majad, puud ja natüürmordid) lahutamine justkui algosadeks (geomeetrilisteks kujunditeks) ning nendest uue pildi ülesehitamine. Teine, hilisem vool kub...

Kunstiajalugu - Keskkool
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11.2007 7. http:cib.bau.tu-dresden.delehreRehabEngBuldingHistorybuildhis.html 24.11.2007 8. 24.11.2007 9. http:www.utsa.eduucatChapter2ARC.cfm 24.11.2007 10. http:www.nypl.orgresearchchssspeartphotohinexempireempire.html 24.11.2007 11. http:links.jstor.orgsici?sici=0040- 165X(197207)13%3A3%3C516%3AAHOREB%3E2.0.CO%3B2-3 24.11.2007 12. http:architronic.saed.kent.eduv5n2v5n2.07b.html 24.11.2007 13. http:www.tu-cottbus.deb&eebeabout.html 24.11.2007 14. 24.11.2007 15. 24.11.2007 16. http:www.britannica.comebarticle-9106103building-construction#59310.toc 24.11.2007 17. http:www.tamu.eduadmissionscatalogs06- 07_UG_Catalogcourse_descriptionsarch.htm 24.11.2007 18. http:muse.jhu.edujournalstechnology_and_culturev03939.4br_stiglat.html 24.11.2007 19. http:books.nap.eduopenbook.php?record_id=2070&page=65 24.11.2007 20. http:hrcak.srce.hrfile26631 24.11.2007 21. http:www.virginia.eduregistrarrecords95ugradrecuarch2.html 24.11.2007 22. 24.11.2007 23. http:www.tcaup.umich.eduarchdochtfacultyresearch.html 24.11.2007 24. 24.11.2007 25. 24.11.2007 26. htm 24.11.2007 27. http:www.pbs.orgopbhistorydetectivesdiybuilding.html 24.11.2007 28. http:www.greenhomebuilding.comcordwood.htm 24.11.2007 29. ml 24.11.2007 30. 24...

Ehitustehnoloogia - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Põltsamaa Ametikool Automootor A1 Andres Asson Kaarlimõisa 2009 Liigid Kütuse liigid: Bensiin Diisel Gaas Bio Elekter Hübriid Tahke Automootori litraaz: 0,75 ; 0,9; 1,0; 1,2; 1,3; 1,4; 1,5; 1,6; 1,7; 1,8; 1,9; 2,0; 2,2; 2,3; 2,4; 2,5; 2,6; 2,7; 2,8; 3,0; 3,5; 4,0; 4,5; 5,0; 5,6; 6,0 Mootoritüübid: R3; R4; R6; R8; R10; R12; R14 V4; V6; V8; V10; V12; V14 Mootoritöötsükkel Töötsükkel Progresside kogum, mis kindlas järjestuses Ülemine surnud seis: Kolvi kõige ülemine asend (ü.s.s.) Alumine surnud seis: Kolvi kõige alumine asend (a.s.s) Takt Töösüli osa mis toimub kolvi ühe käigu jooksul Kolvikäik Kolvi äärmise asendite vahekaugus, mis võrdub vantvõlli vända kahe...

Auto õpetus - Kutsekool
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Filosoofia materjale

Mis on filosoofia? Analüütilise ja kontinentaalse mõttetraditsiooni erinevused. Filosoofia ja kultuur. 2. Mis on esteetika? Esteetikateooriate liigid. Esteetiliste otsuste komplitseeritus. 3. Danto nägemus kunstiajaloost. Kunsti lõpp. 4. Esteetika ja interdistsiplinaarsus. Kunsti ja kunstimaitse suhted nende piiridest väljapoole jäävaga. 5. Antiikfilosoofia. Eelsokraatikud, Platon, Aristoteles. 6. Hellenism. 7. Antiikesteetika. Miks suhtus Platon kunsti alavääristavalt? 8. Platonist alanud filosoofiatraditsioon. Selle mõju kuni uusaja lõpuni ja selle heideggerlik kriitika. 9. Aristoteles. Kunst kui jäljendamine? Plotinose vaated kunstile. 10. Keskaja filosoofia peamised probleemid. Augustinus. AquinoThomas. 11. Pime keskaeg. Keskaja rehabiliteerimine. Annaalide koolkond. 12. Kunsti roll keskajal. Keskaja ja tänapäeva elutunnetuste erinevus. Umberto Eco....

Filosoofia - Tartu Ülikool
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There are eleven species of sunflower recorded from Kansas. Most of them are perennials. Only the common sunflower and H. petiolaris, the Prairie Sunflower, are annuals. Identification of sunflowers can be very complicated because they frequently hybridize and even within species there is a high degree of variability. With a little practice, however, the most common species can be readily recognized. The Common Sunflower has a long history of association with people. Nearly 3,000 years ago it was domesticated for food production by the Native Americans. The seeds of the wild type of sunflower are only about 5 mm. long. It was only through careful selection for the largest size seeds over hundreds of years that the cultivated sunflower was produced. Lewis and Clark made mention in their journals of its usage by the plains Indians. It was brought back to the Old World by the early European explorers and widely cultivated there also. Today it is a common alternative crop in the Great Plains and elsewhere for food and oil production. Next time you munch down on some sunflower seeds, thank the many generations of Native Americans whose careful husbandry gave us this valuable food item. The wild cousins of those grown on the farm are still common, however, in fields, roadsides and disturbed ground throughout the Great Plains. The Common Sunflower is a typical member of the Asteraceae, one of the largest and most successful families of plants. Within the structure we think of as the "flower", it actually has two different types of flowers - ray and disk flowers. The ray flowers have the big, straplike structures that we see around the edge of the "flower" while the disk flowers occupy the middle of it. Within the Asteraceae, many...

Ökoloogia ja keskkonnakaitse1 - Eesti Maaülikool
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