Tenses tabel

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Examples Examples Examples
Tense Signal words Use Form
affirmative negative interrogative
every day
something happens repeatedly
how often something happens
always I work. I don't work. Do I work?
one action follows another
often Infinitive He works. He doesn't work. Does he work?
Present things in general
usually he/she/it + -s I go. I don't go. Do I go?
after the following verbs (to love,
seldom to hate, to think, etc.) He goes. He doesn't go. Does he go?

never future meaning: timetables,
first ... then
now I'm working. I'm not working. Am I working?
something is happening at the
same time of speaking or around it
at the moment He's working. He isn't working. Is he working?
Present to be (am/are/is) +
Progressive future meaning: when you have Infinitive + ing
Look! I'm going. I'm not going. Am I going?
already decided and arranged to
do it (a fixed plan, date)
Listen! He's going. He isn't going. Is he going?
last ... I worked. I didn't work. Did I work?
... ago action took place in the past, Infinitive + -ed He worked. He didn't work. Did he work?
Simple mostly connected with an
Past expression of time (no connection
in 1990 to the present) irregular: I went. I didn't go. Did I go?
2. Spalte
yesterday He went. He didn't go. Did he go?

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